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2020: A Reflection on the strangest year in World History...

By Reid MoorePublished 2 years ago 1 min read
2020: A reflection on the strangest year in World History...


Who knew it'd be

Filled with so much misery?

Was it human error

Or simple chance

That's snared us in this fateful dance?

No more laughter

No more fun

No hope to be with anyone

Schools out for Summer

inter, Fall

Will we ever come back at all?

A shot's the answer

ome will say

And we'll all take it

Come what may

But will it end this shutdown fever?

Must I become a true believer?

For 2020's been a curse

And '21 may yet be worse


Whatever comes

I know for sure

I'll treasure life

Forever more....

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About the Creator

Reid Moore

I am a Freelance Writer living in Riverside California who writes on a wide variety of topics including News, Politics, Popular Culture, Science, Music, Fiction, Poetry and Art.

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