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2014 Forest Hills Drive

by aria 8 months ago in love poems
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poem inspired by e.e Cummings and J. Cole

she's mine p.1

seven days ago [draft]:

let go of the wrongs that live upon life

because it is 4 your eyes [eyez] only

don't let that heartbreak, sepa{rate}.

beating. drum roll(ed) down the

(forest) hill.

wonder this but: love with no-where to go ...

fraction of time, take[n] away from mine

high every time you pass, (good)by

that's when the light s(h)un above me

it was too...

late for me to wait-









.... (and roll down the forest hill.)

forget your body music and mind

give me back what we had

[two]gether we can bring each other back

form a small three(house): m3-you-and this feeling

because it is for (4) your eyes [eyez] only

half past five, with no more time left

in six(ness) and in health

with / that / being / said :

letter left on seen.

she's mine p.2

send this to [<3] with flowers:

"i wrote this 4u please read":

i am your world.

you are my world.

he/she/it isn't my world.

we are one world.

you are my world.

they are not my world.

love poems

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