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by Oliver M 7 days ago in performance poetry / sad poetry / love poems / heartbreak
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the year of the initiate

I left you,

you left me first.

You tried to,

I did tell you.

Too late after 40,

yet after 10;

Have I told you I can not.

For you broke me too far apart.

Now we have our own, we show our connection by such media.

I try not to anymore.

My life began when she got borned in all of these.

You on the other hand,

left you to time and a place I called past.

I came to being none of my emotions and longing for you.

Then one came,

still the same.

Then there must be another to come,

I know in my heart for space of the universe I feel, she will...

she will.

performance poetrysad poetrylove poemsheartbreak

About the author

Oliver M

Poetry is my past, the future rolls for no one. She knows me as Oliver A Melendez, I'd rather have her exorcise my past and to entertain as life goes by in this chaotic world. If you like the works please a tip or pledge as you please.

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