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By Stephen EmsleyPublished 4 months ago 2 min read
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Thirteen books are stacked on a shelf.  Nobody knows how they got there. Nobody knows who put them there.  Handwritten inside each book is a short verse.

A body lies on the floor below the books, in a state of decomposition.  The thirteen books have a story to tell… but what will they reveal?


‘The Secret Diary’ by D. N. Reed

He found her diary,

Though well hidden;

Her FATHER read it,

Although forbidden.


‘Dead To Me’ by J. J. Sophomoor

One stormy night

Loud claps of thunder

Drowned HER screams

As he held her under.


‘The Fear’ by Bear Chills

Her eyes grew wide,

She felt so trapped.

She feared for her life

As his temper SNAPPED.


‘Failed To Die’ by Jonathan Gamble

She gasped a breath

As her head was raised.

She was still alive

AND he was amazed.


‘Silent And Hidden’ by U. Harmon

She ran and hid;

Through a tiny SLIT

She saw him pass

And relaxed a bit.


‘The Betrayal’ by I. M. Cheetah

He searched the house,

From top to bottom;

HER deep betrayal

Not forgotten.


‘Discovered’ by Luna White

He soon discovers,

Her hiding place.

He grabs her THROAT,

Slaps her face.


‘The Verdict’ by I. Rowse

His eyes are stony,

THEN full of fury.

He’s made himself

Both judge and jury.


‘The End Of Her’ by Everett Slaughter

He PUT a knife,

On skin so tender;

Slashed across,

Then watched in splendour.

BOOK #10

‘Witness’ by Hanley Patton

You did not know

That I was there;

HER lifeless form,

Your vacant stare.

BOOK #11

‘Evidence’ by Darby Kain

BODY dragged

And locked inside.

No one will know

Just how she died.

BOOK #12

‘Getting Away With Murder’ by Parker Ford

You think you’re safe,

And didn’t fail.

But IN my way,

I’ll tell your tale.

BOOK #13

‘The Truth Will Out’ by Hugh Dunnitt


She lies alone.

Her pale white skin

As cold as stone.

her father snapped and slit her throat then put her body in library

sad poetry

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