by Briana Marie 7 months ago in sad poetry

A collection of short poems I wrote one night.



you exist only in my memory

for you are so far away

you exist behind a screen

i cannot touch you

you exist in my heart

i feel it, always

you exist

and i like you. <3


i like you more than words can say

can't help but smile when i hear your name

there's something about you, i can't quite tell

i like you and will always wish you well


i just want you to hold me close

call me babe, tell me i'm yours

i'm yours, forever and always

call it corny, i don't care

i want to be yours

because you're mine


the act of making love

could there be such a thing?

two bodies, thrusting together

hot and sweaty

until one or both parties are gratified

what is romantic about that?

where is the love?

there is no love in fucking

no emotional connection required

why should i want that?

why do i want that?


i imagine your breath smells of coffee

your lips taste of honeydew

your tongue tastes of honey

i wouldn't know

but i gladly will find out ;)



is what you are to me

I hold you closely in my heart

as I wish I could in person.


I thought you were my lifesaver

and I was drowning.

I was wrong. :(


I hope you don't mind, but I wrote a

poem about you. Every word I said in

it was true. It's the best way I

could convey the way I'm feeling about you.


you couldn't even begin to know the

perverse thoughts running through my


sad poetry
Briana Marie
Briana Marie
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