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From "electronic waste" to hard to find 100 yuan, CCD card machine set off a retro fever

by test 2 months ago in vintage / lenses / camera
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"This is paying for the retro feeling" "It's both nostalgic and trendy"

Metallic body, low-pixel, coarse-grained image quality, high-saturation colors... Recently, on a social platform, the once popular CCD card machine has become popular again and has become a fashion keyword. A reporter from the Modern Express found that the "electronic waste" that was sold by the catty a few years ago has now risen in value, and the price has been sold for hundreds of thousands of yuan. Many people said that "this is paying for the retro feeling" and "both nostalgic and trendy", and some people bought more than 20 CCD card machines for collection.

Driven by stars, this "old object" from decades ago became popular

From film cameras to digital cameras to today's smartphones. With the continuous upgrading of shooting tools, old cameras have become "old antiques". However, fashion seems to be a cycle. As an "electronic obsolete product", CCD card machines are now returning to people's attention.

In the beginning, some celebrities used their own CCD card machines in daily videos. Then, many celebrities were picked up by fans to use CCD card machines in private. Internet celebrity bloggers seized this "traffic password" and posted Amway one after another.

Modern Express reporter learned that the CCD card machine has the characteristics of small size and light weight. It is as small and portable as a card in the hand. It was mass-produced in the 1990s. Its photosensitive element is CCD, which is the abbreviation of charge-coupled device. It has basically been discontinued now, and only exists on high-end models such as Hasselblad and Leica. Although the CCD card camera is insufficient in function and pixels, the photos taken have the filters of the old days, and the compact and retro body shape is sought after by many young people.

The reporter opened a social platform to search for "CCD camera", and there were nearly 600,000 related notes; the Weibo topic "CCD camera" received nearly 30 million views. Many people posted photos taken with a CCD card camera, saying that "fool-like operation also comes with a retro filter microdermabrasion", "more special atmosphere than high-definition mobile phones", "found the feeling of old childhood photos"...

On an e-commerce platform, many shops selling CCD card machines mark keywords such as "star same style", "retro" and "student entry-level". Generally in the thousand yuan and above. The reporter noticed that some stores sold more than 5,000 units a month.

It used to be sold as waste for ten yuan per catty, but now it is "hard to find a machine" for several hundred yuan

On September 27, a reporter from Modern Express came to an antique shop in Qinhuai District, Nanjing, where different brands and models of old-fashioned cameras were placed. They have different shapes, most of them are metal, and they look retro.

"There are many people who have come to inquire about the CCD card machine recently, most of them are students. However, there is only one left in our store, and the amount of recycling is very small." The owner told the reporter that this machine is a SL-8, which is sold for sale. The price is 100 yuan, there are wear and scratches, because it has not been charged for a long time, there is no guarantee that it can still be used normally. If you want to buy it, you need to buy a matching charger separately.

Although it is old and some functions are damaged, the CCD card machine is not worried about selling, and it can even be said that it has a market. "Just last week, we just sold a Nikon CCD card camera. When you open it, it will display a 'lens damaged' prompt. The lens cannot be ejected, but it does not affect normal photography. It was bought by a girl." The owner Say.

In a used camera shop on Zhujiang Road in Nanjing, the only Polaroid t1255 left in the shop is 500 yuan. "The price is so high now that you can't buy a high-quality CCD card machine for one or two hundred yuan. It generally rises to three or four hundred yuan, and a better one costs seven or eight hundred yuan. Stars like Canon A640 The same model sold for more than 1,000 yuan." The owner told reporters that since the beginning of this year, the price of CCD card machines has suddenly risen, and now the shortage is very serious. Some merchants make a camera casing, put some electronic components in it, and package it as a CCD card machine to sell, "Some have beauty filters, can autofocus, and even have 48 million pixels, these are not original CCD cards produced in the early years. machine."

According to the store owner's memory, after taking photos with smartphones became popular seven or eight years ago, the CCD card machine market was greatly impacted. "At that time, no one wanted a set for twenty or thirty yuan. In the end, in order to clear the inventory, ten yuan a pound was sold as scrap. I didn't expect that the "scrap" that was once appreciated now."

It is a feeling and a trend. There are more than 20 collections of fans.

We-media bloggers have shared many photos of CCD card cameras on a certain social platform. She likes to buy all kinds of old cameras. She is a loyal fan of CCD card cameras. She has collected more than 20 cameras. nearly two million.

One by one, she showed her retro cameras to reporters, whose bodies are generally smaller than current smartphones, and one by one, they were pasted with many stickers and hung with ornaments such as hanging chains. "I learned about the CCD card machine two years ago. At that time, I saw that its appearance is very small and cute, and the photos taken have a feeling of retro film, so I bought a lot of them one after another."

She said that two years ago, on the second-hand platform or the second-hand market, you could find popular styles for tens of yuan or one or two hundred yuan, but now it is basically no less than five hundred yuan. "I have the most expensive ones. I bought a Canon A610 for nearly 2,000 yuan."

Usually, I like to take them out to take pictures, mainly to take portraits. It is very ceremonial to take a camera out to take pictures, because it is very small and easy to take out, and it feels very different from taking pictures with a mobile phone. "Now, collecting old cameras has gradually become a trend, making life more colorful, and I plan to collect them for a long time. Recently, I have taken a fancy to three or four CCD card cameras, and I am ready to start again."

The retro feeling attribute that comes with the CCD card machine has attracted many people. The reporter noticed that a CCD card machine-related group was also established on a certain social platform, with more than 4,000 members, who called themselves "millennial trendsetters". In the group, everyone exchanged models and purchasing skills, shared pit avoidance guides, and posted their own photos. Fallen leaves, sunset glow, moonlight, light and shadow... The low-pixel and coarse-grained picture quality looks very age-like. They left a message saying, "This is the memory of the post-90s" and "it adds a hazy feeling to the little things in life." "The production rate is very high" and "full of literary style".


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