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Ferruginous Hawk

by Nat NW 5 days ago in camera

Along with some other Tails

We went for a walk in a State park close by. I've lived near by for years, but never ventured out to see what the park, or nature had to offer. Turns out; it was a lot.

This hawk, was captured after hearing the distinct chirping and usual screech. I couldn't locate it; until now. Here, it's as if he or she, for that matter, is posing for the camera.

I am absolutely fascinated by birds of prey. They are majestic birds and lords of the sky. I had to look up to see what type of hawk this was. I am almost positive, but not 100%, it is a Ferruginous hawk.

We watched him for about 10 minutes and gazed in wonderment.

Lo and behold, he was hunting. We just happened to be near by at the right time.

He landed on some fallen trees nearby. Still seems as if he was posing for the camera. He knows he's pretty; however, it didn't seem to slow him down much.

Looking for the mouse.........or rat.

Found the mouse! Maybe a rat. Anyway, I know it's a bit difficult to see and grainy, but here he caught a mouse or rat. The mouse or rat is in his beak. We were watching him; while he was watching it.

Now he is eating the mouse, that he was watching and hunting ever so closely, while being photographed.

It was absolutely amazing to capture this in real time. Witnessing nature for what it truly is.

While on our walk, we spotted a coyote. As you can see, a storm was coming in and it made for the perfect backdrop.

The other coyote also had a friend nearby, but we couldn't get him in the same picture. However, both were together. It also seems like he is posing. Both coyotes are beautiful and the sky is stunning.

Two coyotes traveling along; while we pass by.

Walking toward the water, I was able to capture this guy. I believe it's an American White Pelican; however, it is very unusual for me to see. It might be common for them to migrate here, but I am pretty sure they don't live here all the time. Again, I cannot be certain.

Anyway, here is by himself, ruining the luck for the fisherman that were nearby at the time. Might I add, that he is very bold and striking, even by himself.

Here is a Mallard duck, in a stream, by the trail. He was definitely swimming away from us and trying to make his way upstream. Again, by himself, but still striking and beautiful.

Here is the deer or doe we met, right before the trail started. By him or herself, out in the open, just grazing on the grass. I am not sure what type of deer, but it did have a white tail. As you can probably tell, I am not great with what type of wildlife I encounter; however, it was truly majestic and peaceful.

Along with the occasional itch. I believe I got the picture right after.

Last but not least, here is the trail that lead us on our nature walk. I will admit that it does look a bit eerie. It reminded me of The Blair Witch creepy, but luckily, I like creepy. Needless to say, it was an astonishing experience all around! I would love to do it again.

Thank you for letting me share this opportunity!

- Nat

Nat NW
Nat NW
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