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Executive Assistant Resume

by Resume Inventor 3 months ago in product review

Executive Assistant Resume Template With A Cover Letter

Welcome to the ResumeInventor! Here is presenting the Sample Executive Assistant Resume Template. This is a Fully customized Resume Template, With it, you can create/ design your profession-based resume. Along with the professional design, such as text format, photos, section spaces, and other expertise; this template creates your resume unique. So that your application gets the boost to compete with others and the opportunity of getting selected for your expected job employment will be increased.

An executive assistant is a monitoring and managing nature job or roll which liable to commonly answering phones, making travel reports and explanations, feeling and organizing documents, and maintaining the necessary bookkeeping work.

Applying as an executive assistant requires a structured and qualified way. You have to prove yourself eligible to handle the job effectively. So, being resourceful at the presentation table shows the strength of yours. You have to describe your previous working nature and achievements. An executive assistant resume template can help you to get rid of this issue. You will get more than enough points and criteria to describe.

A creative two-page resume template with a cover letter! It starts from the about yourself section to the hobbies; it contains various fields such as work

experience, achievements, skills, expertise, etc. You have to gain the employer's attention through this executive assistant resume template so that they will reach you for an interview or meeting. Pay attention before writing about the section. This reflects your summarization. Try to arrange an area based on your previous experiences and your delegations' purpose to your work. Do not write elaborately about one or two things. Be short and specific with your words so that the ones who read this will get an overview of yourself.

Do not include random things you have learned from your past workspace in the skills or expertise section. Try to find out the specific skills that present you as efficient for the desired job.

Overall make this executive assistant resume template is eligible to describe you perfectly. And for the executive assistant cv, tell them where you find this job post and why you are applying for this job. Tell them about your working ability and how you can generate benefits, leading the company to achieve its ultimate goal. At last, seek an appointment with them in a gentle manner. And there your go! You are ready to drop your application.

★ Instant Download - your files are available immediately after purchase

★ A great resume IS attainable for everyone, you just need to be pointed in the right direction. And if your current resume is 5+ years old, know that the rules have changed - a lot! My #1 goal is to give you the BEST possible chance of landing the job, which is why I'm obsessed with providing:

■ EASY TO READ RESUME DESIGNS. Stand out while still maintaining professionalism.

■ UNMATCHED, EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE. Support for any template, resume or job search questions you have.

■ Looking for a job can be a crazy, stressful time in your life.I am here to help you every step of the way if you need it!


1, 2, and 3 Page Resume Templates (if you need more pages just email me!)

Cover Letter Template (can also use as a Thank You letter)

Microsoft Word (.docx) files

Apple Pages (.pages) files

Photoshop (PSD) Files

Illustrator (EPS) Files

Detailed Instructions file

A4 Paper Size Included

Links to free fonts used

Fast and friendly customer service for any help you may need =)

( Executive Assistant Resume Template are do-it-yourself. You will simply type your resume info over my "dummy" text.)


EVERY SINGLE WORD - of all headings, titles & body text.

ANY COLOR - of the text, icons, colored areas & lines.

FONTS - size, color, or change to any font you like.

SECTIONS - add or delete sections to fit your needs.


Your own personal computer (Mac or PC) - no, you cannot create a resume on your phone. =)

Microsoft Word or Pages (any version/year). Pages are now FREE on the App Store. Photoshop & Illustrator CS 5.0 or upper version. Word free trial:

Unzipping software to open the .zip file (Macs "unzip" files automatically, but for Windows, download for free here: WinZip - http://www/ or 7zip -


NOT COMPATIBLE with OpenOffice, Google Docs, or anything other than the real desktop version of Microsoft Word or Pages.

If using a TABLET or PUBLIC/WORK computer, check to see that you have the ability to install fonts before purchasing.

If you have an OLD version of Word/Pages and the files don't open, simply email me and I'll send you the corresponding files.


Purchase this template

As soon as your payment goes through, download your file here: or from the link in the email Creative Market sends to your email address on file

Download the .zip file to your computer

Double-click the file to UNZIP it (download WinZip for free at

Open the Instructions file to install the free fonts

Open the template in Word, Pages, Photoshop or Illustrator and replace my "dummy" text with your resume content

Save your resume in Word, Pages, Photoshop or Illustrator format AND as a PDF file to upload/email to potential employers and land that job! Directions are in the Instructions file if you need them =)



Will this template work with my computer?

These templates work with any personal computer with Microsoft Word, Pages, PSD, and EPS. Check the Requirements section of the product listing you're interested in just to be sure that your computer meets the requirements. If you have an older version of Word or Pages and can't open the files, just shoot me a message and I'll send you the corresponding files =)

How does a template work?

A template is simply multiple file formats Microsoft Word document (or Mac Pages document, Photoshop (PSD) Illustrator (EPS) that is formatted using "text boxes" filled with my "dummy" information that you will type directly over with your own resume info. A quick text box tutorial is included in the Instructions file, included with purchase.

Can I change the colors?

Yes! All colors on every single element can be changed - you can even change the icon colors! To change a color, just right-click the object, and hit Format. Then select a new Fill Color or Line Color.

Can I change the headings?

YES! All headings, titles, and sections can be changed to whatever you want. You can even delete the titles and headings. Template are COMPLETELY customizable.

Can I use this template on more than 1 computer?

Of course! You can download it from scratch as many times as you want whenever you want at And once you start working on the template, you can email the template files to yourself (since they are just Word or Pages files) to use on any computer. Just make sure you install the fonts on each computer so the templates look as they should!

What if I need to print my resume?

• Resumes these days are designed for the digital age - printing is becoming more and more.

• If you need your resume printed, I always recommend having it professionally done (Staples, OfficeMax, etc., you can even order online). Make sure it is printed "full-bleed" (aka borderless) on nice bright white, heavier (ex. 32lb) paper.

It will look SO much better than anything you can do at home!

How do I choose a template? There are so many!

Since all headings can be changed to fit your needs, you can use ANY template for ANY profession. Most importantly, you need to concentrate on a DESIGN that's appropriate for your field. Stick with the categories on my shop homepage sidebar (to the left).

CONSERVATIVE INDUSTRIES: accounting, corporate office job, engineering, construction, etc. Choose a Professional Resume Template.

MODERN, COMPETITIVE INDUSTRIES: marketing, sales, etc - you need to stand out with a bit of color while still maintaining professionalism. Choose a Modern Resume Template.

CREATIVE INDUSTRIES: art, design, music, etc. Choose a Modern or Creative Resume Template.

How can I download my files after purchase?

After payment clears check under Purchases for your zip file. Your downloads are kept under Your Account Purchases, click on the download button next to the purchased item.

This is where you will be able to instantly download your template to your computer.

Download Now: Executive Assistant Resume Template With A Cover Letter

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