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Duplicate photos in Mac? Here's the solution!

by Camila Saunders about a year ago in how to
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Remove Duplicate Photos in Mac

Still unable to delete duplicate images from your Mac after a lot of hard work and dedication? Use these amazing best Photo Duplicate Finders For Mac and let it take over. Install Duplicate Photos Fixer today, the best duplicate photo finder and cleaner for Mac, and use it to remove duplicate images from your Mac more efficiently and accurately. However, if you even want to learn how to delete duplicate and similar-looking photos.

To get the perfect picture we all tend to capture multiple images of the same scene. Sadly, this happens every time we click a picture and except for that one best shot, the remaining pictures simply sit useless on your Mac and occupy unnecessary space. Thankfully, there are multiple ways using which you can delete similar-looking pictures and exact duplicates from your Mac. So without any further delay, let's start!

How To Find And Remove Duplicate Images From Your Mac?

Removing duplicate images from your Mac can be a tedious as well as frustrating task since it involves a lot of manual work and if you are doing it manually, mind it, it will take ages. However, with a third-party duplicate photos remover tool, you can get the work done easily.

Use The Best Duplicate Finders For Mac:

Duplicate Photos Fixer for Mac by Systweak Software is indeed the best tool you can use today to get rid of the duplicate images on your Mac. Its ability to look for similar-looking and duplicate images based on the matching criteria and keeping only the best shot is what makes it the best duplicate image cleaner for Mac.

What Makes Duplicate Photos Fixer For Mac Stand Out From The Rest?

Duplicate Photos Fixer By Systweak Software is indeed the best duplicate and similar image removal tool for Mac and has a lot to offer:

● It has an advanced scan engine that can easily scan and remove exact duplicates as well as similar-looking images.

● It offers multiple matching criteria based on which the user can easily look for similar pictures and delete them.

● It categorizes the duplicates found in different groups which makes it easy for the user to view.

● The Auto-Mark feature automatically marks the duplicates found and retains the best image deleting the rest.

● The scan settings compromise various attributes like GPS, Time Interval, Bitmap Size, and Matching Level.

● It easily scans for individual images, Folders, Photos Library, and External Drives.

● Fast and efficient engine to give you the best results in minimum time.

● Easy to use interface.

● Compatible with iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch. Requires iOS 8 or later.

How To Use The Best Photos Duplicate Finder For Mac?

Using Duplicate Photos Fixer is pretty easy and straightforward. All you need to do is:

● Download and Install Duplicate Photos Fixer.

● Add the images or folder or Photos Library and then select Exact Match or Similar Match from the right panel and then set the matching criteria.

● Post this click on Scan for Duplicates.

Once the scan is finished, click on Auto-mark to select the duplicates automatically and then click on Trash Marked to delete the duplicate images.

Download today:

There are many other best image duplicate finders for Mac apps available in the market and do equally good work when it comes to deleting duplicate images. Some of the other apps you can try are Gemini 2, Photos Duplicate Cleaner, CCleaner, etc.

How To Manually Remove Duplicate Images?

In Mac, the Photos app is capable of detecting duplicate images when you upload them to the App. However, the same does not stand true for the images that already exist in the Photos App. For this, it is advised to delete duplicate images manually using the Smart Folder. To do so,

● Navigate to the Finder and then the Apple Menu.

● From the Menu bar, click on File and then choose New Smart Album from the drop-down menu.

● From the New Smart Folder click on the “+” sign from the top-right corner of the window.

● Post this set the search criteria based on name, matches, and choose the picture format.

● Once the search criteria are set, look for the duplicate and similar looking images and easily delete duplicate images by selecting them.

● Finally, right-click on the selected images and move them to the Trash.

Duplicate photos can be a pain for all of us and occupy a lot of disk space. Moreover, till the time we realize and think of deleting the duplicate images, it is too late and becomes a tiresome and frustrating job. In order to get a sigh of relief, it is advised to use the best duplicate photos finder tool for Mac. These Duplicate Image remover tools not only scan and delete duplicate images but also restores precious disk space and saves a lot of time.

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