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Watch This Sickeningly Cute Video of a Dog Crashing the Vienna Chamber Orchestra Performance

And NO ONE knows who the dog is or who owns him/her!

By Pierre Roustan, Author of THE CAIN LETTERS and SCARY HORROR STUFF!Published 7 years ago 2 min read

Truly, it's an odd sight, but one for a celebration of classical music when a canine can meander right on stage and take a front seat at the feet of a violinist.

Yawning. How comfortable can you get, really?

The crowd loved the random visit from the dog–as well as the performers.

They thought it was by far the cutest thing to see.

Sadly they didn't get to really meet up with the dog and thank him/her for the joyous occasion of making a performance that much cuter, but it's a memory stamped for everyone in Turkey just last week when it occurred.

Even the composer praised it. Not something that would happen every day.

Very possibly, this could've been a stray dog, walking around Turkey, when he/she heard the beautiful sounds of one of the most prestigious chamber orchestras in the world: the Vienna Chamber Orchestra. What dog wouldn't want to mosey on up and get the best seat in the house?

We can only imagine the dog chose the performer based on his/her taste in music

The canine loved the violin the most. That's pretty obvious. At first—if you watched the video already—you'd notice that the dog seemed to scope out the first few players in the front row before settling for violinist #1 right up in the front to a rousing applause along with some heckling laughter.

What's impressive is that the performers hardly were ever distracted. Not even a little bit. But they were pleased, touched, and tickled pink by the fact that this dog showed up and didn't even bug them at all.

Nope. He/she just wanted to take a seat, lay down, and then yawn while listening to the best orchestra in the universe.

What a compliment! Relaxing music... A canine can't find anything better.

Could be the start of a new classical music trend

Imagine just how much fun it would be for the Vienna Chamber Orchestra to make this a thing—bring Yellow Dog with them (and to this day, no one knows who owns the dog, where the dog came from, and why) for every performance and let him/her relax right on stage.

Animals make everything better.

Fazil Say, Turkish pianist and composer said it best on Twitter after it occured:

"Cutest moment in classical music." -- 😍😍😍Vienna Chamber Orchestra - Ola Rudner, Conductor - Fazıl Say, Piano - Ephesus, June 20th @iksevizmir

So we're glad to see that everyone (not just the performers) was pleased with the visit.

The video instantly went viral, and Say ended up seeing quite the response from social media, most notably from media networks like MailOnline, CBC As It Happens, ABC News in NY,, the BBC, ITV News, CNN, and a handful of other online publications.

At the moment, Say's Twitter video has been removed due to copyright issues even though it's all over social media at the moment. His original tweet received over 5K retweets, 9K likes, and 134 comments.

Talk about wildfire marketing! All because of a dog.


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Pierre Roustan, Author of THE CAIN LETTERS and SCARY HORROR STUFF!

I am an author, adventurer, and father, living with my wife, four daughters and one son in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I've trekked through tundras, waded through swamps, wandered through deserts, and swam in the Great Barrier Reef.

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