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Using CBD Oil for Cats with Seizures and Epilepsy

by CBD Market 3 years ago in cat
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How CBD products may help in cat seizures treatment

CBD Products for cats with seizures 

If you have ever experienced your cat having a seizure, you know how serious and upsetting this situation can be. During this period of time, your cat may foam from the mouth, fall over, loose its ability to control its bowels, or have uncontrolled movement of its limbs. After the seizure has ended, your cat will typically be very confused for a few hours. They may pace, trying to figure out what just happened. They may also wish to be very close to you until they are feeling like themselves again. If you know that a seizure has occurred, you can check with your vet to see if any tests should be run. If your cat is prone to seizures, you may just be told to keep a close eye on your cat as long as the seizure has passed. Prescription medications can be used in order to prevent and treat seizures, but these medications target certain chemicals in the brain. Because of this, some pretty nasty side effects can take place. Natural alternatives are available for treating seizures in cats. CBD is one natural supplement that is very safe and effective for seizures in both humans and pets.

Why Do Seizures Occur in Cats?

Seizures are caused by neurons in the brain firing at an inappropriate rate. Nobody really understands why these neurons misfire, but a chemical imbalance in neurotransmitters may be to blame. There may be other medical conditions that cause less frequent seizures in cats. This can include electrolyte imbalances caused by illness, injury to the head, diabetes, brain tumors, congenital defects, low blood sugar, kidney disorders and liver disorders.

Cat Seizure Treatment

Seizures can occur at different severity levels and at different frequencies. A partial seizure will only affect one side of the body. Generalized seizures will affect the entire body as a whole. Grand mal seizures are the most common, and will cause the cat to fall over completely during the seizure. Depending on what your cat is experiencing, your veterinarian may make a recommendation that will prevent further seizures. If you would like to discuss natural treatment using CBD for cat seizures, inquire about what type of product you should use for your cat and how much. If your cat is picky and doesn’t like to take medication, you might want to opt for a CBD cat treat. They won’t even know they’re consuming CBD. There are also tinctures and sprays that you can add to their food or water. Just be sure to administer the same dose each day to keep your cat safe.

CBD as an Anticonvulsant

Naturally found in the hemp plant, CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that can work as an anticonvulsant. So much so, that supplement is used for epilepsy in humans as well as pets. There is even a prescription CBD medication that is marketed to humans that suffer from ongoing seizures. It’s important to acknowledge is there is a certain reason why your pet is suffering from seizures. A number of studies may be run without conclusion, but your veterinarian will be able to tell you if too many seizures are taking place. If you don’t address the issue, these seizures can begin to cause permanent damage.

CBD can safely be used for cats without any dangerous side effects. Because it is completely natural, the endocannabinoid system will experience balance without psychotropic effects. Your cat won’t exhibit any kind of exhaustion or decreased appetite from their CBD supplement. If anything, you may find that your cat is acting more youthful and healthier than ever.

Alex Malkin is chief editor at CBD Market, has deep knowledge in cannabinoids, and is an expert in healthy lifestyle and food supplements.


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