Undercover Investigation at COCA COLA & FAIR OAKS Dairy Farm

by Arlee Maxwell 10 months ago in humanity

Warning Graphic Footage and Pictures

Undercover Investigation at COCA COLA & FAIR OAKS Dairy Farm
⚠️ warning ⚠️ GRAPHIC FOOTAGE


The lack of words for this. The lack of morals, compassion, and just outright decency towards these animals. For at what cost? When you can get it from plants. For a long time, we have been told that dairy is good for you–even that it’s an essential part of your diet. Much of what we’ve heard about dairy has been so ingrained into us that it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. I once was a dairy eater. Don’t get me wrong, but it took actually watching this even when I didn’t want to because as a person who spends money paying these companies, I want to know what’s going on behind the scenes. I’m disgusted to say the least and if you had any sense, you would be to. But some of you may just be like I was for so long. Not watching because “Ew why would someone share that or watch that.” And so nieve on why everyone should be sharing and watching. Well I’m awake now, I’m learning everyday about my dairy free diet, I am way healthier, and if I’m honest I hated milk because it always messed my stomach up. Almond or soy milk? I literally could drink straight, it’s so good. It’s worth changing my diet to protect these innocent animals. I can no longer and stand by and be aware of this type of abuse and condone it.

I just want to acknowledge the amazing people who went undercover to bring this to light. It takes courage and bravery because I’m sure if you would have been caught, it could have been nasty for you. Torturing baby animals is shown in this heartbreaking investigation which will take you inside Fair Oaks Farms. You know, the parts where the public is not allowed to enter. It’s not like some fancy museum or factory they have. It’s the torture chambers for the animals. Of course they wouldn’t want us their. You can than see how ALL the new born babies are ripped from their mothers, and placed in complete isolation inside separate hutches.

As if having the baby cow ripped from the mother isn’t hard enough to watch, they then place the baby in front of her where she can’t get to it. And so yes, the mother cows have to witness the daily abuse against their babies. Some mother cows begin to cry so hard for their babies, that they lose their voices. But the most horrific scenes are what is being done to the newly born babies. In this investigation, we can see some of the worst torture against baby calves to be ever caught on camera. I even posted part two of the investigation down below so you can continue to watch and be aware. We live in a world where mega-dairy corporations control the information that is fed to us. So let me ask you, does the truth stand any chance? Truth has a power that can't be bought. So what does knowing the truth do for you in this situation? What does it show you? With that said, Let's help the evidence of what is really going on, to speak for itself. Let's help spread this important investigation. Watch for yourself, be the change and lets protect these animals y’all.

Want to become Dairy free? Well luck you because as it turns out, it is completely healthy to make the switch. This may take a bit of mind-stretching to change the way we think about what we eat, but I promise it’s well worth it and best of all you’re not supporting these large dairy farms we buy from often. Some may wonder, “What is dairy free?” Dairy consists of all milk and its derived products from animals like goats, sheep’s, and obviously cows. This means replacing not only your milk but also creamers, ice cream, yogurt, cheese, sour cream, butter, and kefir. But here are a few of my favorite benefits by cutting away dairy.

•Cutting dairy could lead to weight loss

•Going dairy-free may clear your skin

•Regular milk can be full of growth hormones and antibiotics

•Most people are lactose intolerant

In conclusion The benefits of the dairy free lifestyle are immense. In addition with the losing weight and clearing of your skin, you could be helping the environment and saving animals ultimately. I am on this journey and I believe it’s a possible journey for you, if you should wish to take it. Hopefully, you learned a little about dairy and are now equipped with a mind on a mission to make the best choice for yourself and your diet.

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