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Undercover Agent

Detective Whiskers to the Rescue

By Angela LilleyPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

At first light, I roam the halls of the structure my owners call home. Early morning bells echo; that, for some strange reason, summon my owners out of bed. A loud ruckus is about to begin and I find a small place to hide. My owner and her midget franticly run the halls, while I hide in this corner, waiting for them to leave.

Closed Doors

After awhile, the ruckus and strange noises soon dissipate. However, I know to never leave my hiding place until I hear the "wuumph" of our entrance door closing. So I wait patiently in my corner until that sound summons me to patrol.


-"The time has now come that I must patrol the structure."-

I slowly creep out of my cozy spot and take a moment to double check that my owners are gone. Now the time has come, I must take action and stroll the structure for possible security risks.

Hunting the Threats

Every morning I hunt down those pesky flies that my owner seems to hate. For some peculiar reason, she swings the round object she prepares meals with in hopes that she will eliminate the flies. However, she does not do the job very well.

I find it easier to catch the flies from the ledge upon which drapes material. So I lay as a statue waiting for one of those pesky flies to come within batting or eating range.

After being satisfied that I have eliminated all of the flies, I hop down off my perch and begin searching for any more threats.

As I stroll through the structure, I see that my owners midget has once again failed to pick up it's trash. Therefore, I find the need to investigate this strange object necessary....

It makes a super intimidating sound; almost similar to that of what my owner throughs in the trash bin. Or perhaps even the sound of the objects wrapped around the food my owners eat. However, this peculiar piece of trash seems to be fighting me back.




After what seems to take forever, I have successfully managed to eliminate threat number two by sliding it under the loud machine my owners store food in.

-"Time to move on and look for any more threats that linger amongst this structure."-

As I casually stroll through these narrow walls, I come to the opening where my owners seem to stare endlessly at a colorful square. I am astonished at what I see before me.

Has my owner lost her mind?

How could she has missed this?

What a monstrosity!!!

There, before my eyes, are the sheets wide open, over the perch I watch the birds through. Now I must find a way to close these sheets so that no security threat to the contents within this structure are at play.




I jump from furniture to furniture, in an attempt to lunge myself across to the sheets hanging from my perch. However, I must have miscalculated my projections and only made it halfway.

Ugghh.... What a disaster!

As the stealthy ninja I am, I very carefully wiggle my body in an attempt to swing the sheet across my perch.

While saving the day, I mistakenly managed to rip the sheet that my owner seems fascinated with. Therefore, I took the time to align the sheets in a manner that by the time she gets home this evening, she will not see the light shining through it. However, tomorrow at first light, I fear she will take notice.

-"As the day nears an end, I know my owner will soon be home. Therefore, I must quickly move on to eliminate any more threats."-

After a long stroll through the structure, I come to the last room, upon which my owner sleeps. And, oh-dear, what a sight...

She has forgotten to put the pile of cloth she wears away.

I mean what is she thinking? The threat to her appearance is overwhelming when she is covered in wrinkled cloth.

I can not and will not let this happen to my owner.

I gather as much cloth as I can and I begin putting away each piece. However, she seems to put such cloth in a weird space and in strange places. I do not understand her logic.

However, I think if I put the socks in the corner of the closet, she might be able to find them easier. Oh! and perhaps, it would be smart to put her bra in the eating room so that she can put it on while making food.

After long consideration, I left most of the cloth on the bed with my beautiful fur coating on it. I think it adds some elegance to her attire.

However, not sure she seems to appreciate it as she rubs a sticky substance on it to remove it. She also seems to make strange growling voices and glares at me while she is removing my fur.

Once Last Surprise!

After a long days work, I am exhausted and ready for my afternoon nap. However, I am sure my owner and her midget would love to come home to a decorated house. Therefore, I must find the energy to do one last thing for my owner.


Oh boy, does my owner love it when I put confetti in her bathing room!!! She makes such screams of excitement and is always happy to see my artwork on her floor.

Therefore, I am taking the time to create a masterpiece I know she will love.


My beautiful masterpiece!


Today has been an adventurous day, but I must find a way to tell my owner the security threats I faced. However, communication is difficult and most times she repeats the same offense.


Here I am! Ready to save the day!

"Now the moment I have been waiting for all day!"

The time has come, that my owner shall come near. I must go patiently wait on her bed, until I hear the "Wuumph" of the entrance door opening. For a big surprise awaits her return, and another big day is near.


About the Creator

Angela Lilley

I am a 24 year old single mother of my beautiful four year old daughter. I have started to speak about my past trauma and look to share my story to the world. My hope is to inspire others to talk about their past and share their own stories

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