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"These disadvantages of the British Shorthair cat are not acceptable to the general public

by vocal media about a month ago in cat
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The British Shorthair cat is very popular in China, and its popularity even exceeds that of the Chinese Field Cat. But the British Shorthair cat also has the following disadvantages, the average person can not accept, so you must think clearly before raising Oh!

These disadvantages of the "British Shorthair" are not acceptable to the general public

"There are genetic diseases"

Generally speaking, purebred British Shorthair cats are very prone to cardiovascular genetic diseases, especially male British Shorthair cats, most likely to suffer from heart muscle disease. During breeding, once the British short cat develops, there is always a risk of sudden death.

This is a disadvantage that many people can not accept the British Shorthair cat, but the pooper scooper scientific feeding, can reduce the chances of the British Shorthair cat disease.

These shortcomings of the "British Shorthair", the average person can not accept

"Very vindictive"

It can be said that the British short cat is a "love-hate" cat, usually can be very clingy, can love you, but if you do make it unsatisfactory and unhappy things, the British short cat will glare at you, and also very vindictive, and will even find ways to retaliate against you.

If the shoveler intentionally scares the short cat, then no matter how close it is to you, it will also be fierce back to you, this is the very real short cat, so you can accept the grudge kitty?

These shortcomings of the "British Shorthair", the average person can not accept

"Gluttonous and easy to fat"

The British short cat is also a very greedy cat, not only greedy, usually very lazy, do not love exercise, so it is easy to appear excessive obesity phenomenon. We can see many British short cats, especially blue cats, are very heavy, the body is very thick meat.

Once the British Shorthair cat is overly obese, it is easy to cause heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, high cholesterol and other problems, which seriously affects the life of the, so the British Shorthair cat at home is overly obese, it must be timely to develop a weight loss plan.

These shortcomings of the "British Shorthair" are not acceptable to the general public

"Curiosity is very heavy"

The British Shorthair cat is very curious, but because of the relatively small courage, basically do not like to go out. But in the home to keep the British short cat, then the things at home will suffer, because the curiosity of the British short cat, the things at home is difficult to escape from its clutches.

It is possible that one day the owner's beloved things will be broken by the short cat at home, which is generally unacceptable. It is recommended that the pooper scooper usually train it more, which can make it become more well-behaved and more efficient with snack rewards.

"Very serious hair loss"

The British short cat in the cat world is considered a serious hair shedding cats, basically all year round in the hair, and where to go hair fall to where, known as the "walking dandelion" really is not exaggerated.

The air in your home is floating with cat hair, if you have a sensitive nose, it is best to be cautious. If you want to improve the hair loss of your cat, it is recommended to pick a cat food that contains fish oil.

Finally, for newcomers to the purchase of British short cats this link, as do not know what purebred British short cats are like. Said, most of the British short cats raised are non-pure breed, although there is not much change in genetics, but not purebred then it is easy to carry genetic diseases, which will cost a lot to see the doctor at a later time of raising. Therefore, this is also difficult for pet owners to accept an aspect.


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