The Truth About Rottweilers

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What It's Really Like to Own a Rottweiler

The Truth About Rottweilers

You could say I was "raised by Rottweilers." I’ve been incredibly fortunate from a young age to grow up alongside such amazing dogs: my first one as early as 6 years of age who later had a litter of five puppies. I have owned three more since. Am I an expert? Nay. I am not here to lecture you with "facts," but will hopefully bestow you with further knowledge and an honest insight of what it means to own a Rottweiler and possibly re-direct your understanding on the popular misconceptions of this awesome breed.s

"... They are companions."

Rottweilers are not pets—they are companions; these dogs were bred to serve and please. A rottie will take notice if you are alone across the room and will come rest beside you. They think socially; they are incredibly loyal and have warm, affectionate hearts and so enjoy taking part and being involved. Bring them on your morning jog, bring them out for picnics, bring them for a swim, have them lay in front of the fireplace with your family at Thanksgiving. They bring comfort and serenity into your everyday life.

An animal with these characteristics also means that they are protective and so it goes with the Rottweiler. They make fantastic guard dogs (if that’s what you’re looking for). You’ll never feel vulnerable or unsafe in their presence but however, take into account…

"… It’s the owner."

As the saying goes—"It’s not the dog, it’s the owner." This is no exception with the Rottweiler. They are an intelligent breed; versatile and susceptible to good training but it means they can be badly influenced and manipulated. It takes a year for a rottie pup to grow full size and an extra to mature.

Rottie pups are f***ing cute and we all wish they remain handbag-sized but it is important during this period that they interact with people, children, and other kind dogs as often as possible. Done correctly and trust me, the results will pay off spectacularly. Unsuccessful cases can mean being cautious with new visitors entering your home and interaction with smaller dogs perhaps, but nothing worse. Never have I encountered a Rottweiler act unfriendly towards a child. Of course, they can’t help but shove their wet snout all over their personal space but never in an aggressive manner.

Don’t be surprised to find food gone from the kitchen counter when your back is turned. As stated before, rotties are smart and enjoy being mischievous and a little naughty from time to time, pushing your buttons all in the name of fun, pulling pranks, being a smart ass when you tell them to get off the coach and so they immediately jump on a different one, the little sh*ts. Expect this around the time of a young adult but once you explain the story to your friends, you won't help but laugh about it. Rottweilers are like little children—fuelled with a never-ending tank of playful energy; they will fetch for that ball as if being chased by a bull and will always return, if that means crawling.

"Rotties are sensitive…"

When bringing your Rottweiler for walks, expect several looks from the public, two reactions in particular you’ll undoubtedly familiarize with; a look of admiration and wonder, at the sight of such an outstanding, beautiful, and herculean dog or alternatively, a look of fear and dread at such a vicious black animal, as if any sudden movements will result in death by mauling. Nevertheless, both situations are equally as amusing and are relatable with other rottie enthusiasts. As they grow old, their character never diminishes and their excitement over receiving treats remains. Your bond together will grow stronger and ever more passionate. Rotties are sensitive and so they will feed off the energy you give but will also tender your emotions and express their kindness and empathy.

Rottweilers have beautiful postures and are predominately handsome dogs. Their black hair glistens in the sunlights and without collars, their neck looks beautiful along with the rest of their figure, like a magnificent iron-cast sculpture. There is an urban myth; for whenever you ask a Rottweiler to sit, take notice, their front feet never align—one paw shall be placed somewhat in front of the other. I've certainly noticed it but perhaps that is chance. It'd be cool if it were real though, yes?

Let not any of my negative comments refrain you from getting a Rottweiler, or what negative comments of someone ill-informed may provide. At the end of the day, they are but dogs—they yearn for nothing more than love and belly rubs and you will receive nothing but love in return. Strong and muscular as they may be, they are fragile and they will mean the world to you. I too have had various other breeds in my life but none have fired Cupid’s arrow quite on target like the Rottweiler. It is not a perfect breed nor can I promise this dog is perfect for you but I can guarantee a friend for life and positive memories to cling to.

Louis Giannamore
Louis Giannamore
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