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The Long Walk

by Daniel R. Johnson 4 months ago in dog · updated 25 days ago
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The Happy Doggy

The Long Walk
Photo by Юлія Вівчарик on Unsplash

This is Dedicated to my Dog Kula In Doggy Heaven

My dog Kula was a runaway and was a female. One cold day in winter my mother seen a dog out in the cold running around in the snow. We took the dog in and the dog ran around the basement and up the stairs. She was licking me and other family members, expressing her doggy love. We took a liking to the dog and we kept her. Brown Chocolate lab mixed with Husky. We had the dog for 13 years and she was at least 3 years old when we found her. I would go on walks and in this story you can hear about a bond that we used to do together. Thanks for reading.

This is a Feel Good Story

It was a warm day in mid August. I felt like going for an evening walk. I picked up the dog collar and the clinking of the chain made a sound, Kula hears this and picks her head up and jumps up and runs to be and attacks me. Runs around and around. Jumping up and down. I put the collar on her and she is in run mode. She’s pulling hard. A dog that is 67 pounds and full sized can pull me along. I ask her “Who is pulling whom?” I laugh. I start the walk with Kula by going down the street to Skinners Hill. Kula is smelling everything in sight, her happy face panting. Some people greet us on the walks and Kula licks everyone and greets people with a smiling face. We are walking on the top of the Skinners Hill. (This is a place where usually people sled down. The lake that is there freezed over and the city has a warming shack to ice skate. People go there and ice skate. In the summer there are ducks and birds even fish.) We start down the hill. We walk up to the pond. Birds come in for a landing and Kula looks at the birds with an inquisitive look tilting her head. Something comes up in the water she sees a fish. Looks with curiosity and walks away around the side of the water smelling as she goes. The walkway they made there was winding and we walk amongst the colorful trees there. The flowers are full of colors along the path. Kula sniffs the flowers. Tried to taste a flower and spits it out. We walk down the path to the other side of the flower garden. Kula puffing and pulling her way down the path to get to the next tree. Kula sniffs around the tree and continues to walk down the grass area off the path. We get to the bridge that is a swinging bridge. The bridge is made of wooden planks and wire. Kula is walking on each board carefully looking down through the cracks walking carefully. The wind is making the bridge sway and buckle. Kula is focused and not worried about the people coming. The people tell me “Nice dog” We keep going and get across. Once across I gave her a bone treat. At this time the light is going down in the day and the shadows are growing long. Kayla is going strong and we walk around the long block. Past the church where we see people coming out. She was so focused on the path and the flowers and sniffing that she did not see any people. I was watching the traffic. Stopping at the stop sign and at the cross walk. I start walking when I see the timing is right for traffic. Kula plows straight ahead. A woman is walking by with her dog. “Your dog is very pretty.” She said as passing by. “Thank you” I said. I was thinking that maybe I could go up to the bigger park but I turned left and went toward home. Kula sensed that she was going home. She turned to the right and drug me to a road heading north of our home. Not ready to go home. Kula plunged on and kept inspecting everything she could smell. A dog was barking at her and me and Kula kept going not worried about other dogs. The air started to chill down and the night is becoming enjoyable. The headlights get brighter of the traffic and the street lights become like beacons to navigate the dark. Kula is unphased by the dark and keeps up her pace. We pass the grocery store and I think if I could tie her off I could get something to drink. Just then I see a pop machine outside. I stand there and get a can of Coke. I start off and open the can. With a sudden jerk on my arm Kula snapped my hand forward mid drink and I was wearing my pop. I laughed at her. I should have known that was going to happen. I could feel that she was not pulling as hard and looked a bit tired. Her tongue hanging out to the side. “Tired Doggy” I said. So I started to make our way home. Slowly I knew she was on to our direction home and she looked like she wanted home. When we got home I threw the door open and she went in and up the stairs. Into the living room and I took the collar off. Kula plopped down and instantly started to sleep. I said ”That's it rest good girl.” Kula lifted her head and gave me a wet sloppy lick on my face and went to sleep. I watched her awhile and her legs were moving like she was still on the walk. I know we bonded and had an experience together. We would walk once a week or twice a week. Later when Kula was sick with cancer she had to be put down. I remember these days and remember her spirit. Such a nice dog and I’m thankful she was found by our family when she was young.

The End.

By Matthew Waring on Unsplash

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