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By Donna Fox (HKB)Published 2 years ago Updated 10 months ago 16 min read

Today started like any other day for Baloo. The tiny human woke up her creators from their slumber and created a ruckus throughout the house.

Meanwhile, the furry king himself remained perched on his cat tree.

Observing the outside world, as it went on about its business. The birds outside perched upon the bushes as they teased Baloo from the other side of the glass.

He swished his tail angrily. Trilling at the bird in threat of what would happen should the glass disappear. A gentle hand landed upon the base of his neck and ran the length of his body, caressing his long soft fur.

He tried to remain focused on his prey. But as the hand began to scratch the scruff of his neck, Baloo began to purr. The bliss he felt as that hand kneaded on his scruff, was too much to bare.

Rolling on his side, Baloo looked at the hand and was met by the smiling face of Papa. He purred even deeper and blinked affectionately at Papa as his hand now moved to rub Baloo’s belly.

“Hey Boo boo.” Papa’s deep voice chuckled, “You get that bird, eh?” he teased.

Angered by his servants' insolence, Baloo gave Papa’s hand a kick with his back legs. Narrowing his eyes and debating a bite as he stopped purring.

“Fine, I’ll leave you alone,” he replied, removing his hand and walking away.

Watching Papa walk away, he huffed with annoyance as his tail began to swish again. Looking back out the window, the birds had fled in all the commotion.

Since Papa was downstairs. It made sense to call for breakfast before the tiny human interrupted. Jumping off his perch, Baloo began to call. “Meow, meow, meooow.”

“Yes Louis, I hear you,” Papa called back, amidst the song.

Chasing him to the cupboard where he filled a bowl with only the best kibbles and presented it to his furry king.

Baloo tucked into his breakfast, ravenous from a long night of hunting. Attempting to provide for his family, even with all the distractions they provided.

Footsteps crept down the stairs as the tiny human and Mama came down for breakfast.

Baloo looked up in time to receive a head scratch from Mama on her way by, she always knew what he liked best. Purring he followed close behind her, rubbing himself against her leg affectionately. Mama dangled her hand below to sneak in a couple of scratches and back rubs as Baloo required.

He wasn’t paying much attention as he drunkenly continued to swing his bum against Mama. The humans sat for their breakfast as they discussed Lila’s (the tiny human’s) coming birthday. He didn't care to hear much of it as it was nonsense until he heard an unfamiliar word.


As in, “I want a puppy.” is what Lila said, swinging her feet under the table as though nervous.

Almost kicking Baloo as he paused in his movements, feeling confused.

He muddled that word for a while. Feeling like it sounded familiar and that it meant something but he wasn’t sure what.

Receiving a new round of head and neck scratches. The subject immediately left his brain and Baloo carried on with his day.

The humans left shortly after this. Mama and Papa go to something they called ‘work’ and the tiny one off to something called ‘school’. All this to say, they won’t be back for some time and it was up to Baloo to defend the house. Or some version of that, that also involved a nap in the sun that kissed the living room carpet.

Sprawling out in the light, he felt his belly warmed by the sunshine. He purred to himself, as he fell asleep for a well-deserved cat nap.

A few days had gone by with nothing exciting to report. The evening before Lila’s birthday and the obnoxious party that went with it. The most peculiar thing occurred.

Late that night after the little one was out to bed, Papa went into the garage and came out carrying a box. Taking it to his office, piqued Baloo’s curiosity even more.

Following close behind he attempted to sneak in before Papa closed the door, but Mama grabbed him. Cradling him in her arms.

“Honey, should we keep Baloo in our room tonight?” Mama asked in a whisper, stroking his head as she stood outside the door.

“No, let him smell him through the door. They might get along better if we introduce them slowly.” Papa answered in a whisper, coming out and closing the door behind himself.

Him? Baloo thought to himself. Wondering what Mama and Papa were talking about. This might be that mysterious 'puppy', Lila spoke of a couple of days ago.

Interest and curiosity getting the better of him, Baloo squirmed in Mama’s arms. Trying to free himself so that he could have a look at this thing.

She let him down and Baloo approached the door with caution. Mama and Papa stood behind him, watching.

Baloo put his nose to the crack of the door, at the bottom.

The room now had a smell of some kind of animal that wasn’t feline in nature, but he couldn’t be sure of what it was. Maybe this was the smell of ‘puppy’.

But before he could begin to understand this, a sniffing sound came from under the door on the other side. Which caused Baloo to jump, as well as Mama and Papa to giggle amongst themselves.

The creature continued sniffing at him from behind the door. Seeming aggressive as it pressed itself against the door.

Feeling threatened Baloo ran to Mama and Papa’s room, unsure the door could hold the creature back. He peeked around the corner, watching Mama and Papa in the hallway still.

Soon after Mama and Papa went to bed and Baloo remained in the doorway of their room. Watching at the closed door down the hall from them, wondering what that creature could be doing.

It must be something dangerous, otherwise, why would Mama and Papa keep it locked up? So many questions spun on his brain and not one seemed to have an answer.

Gathering the last of his courage. Baloo silently approached the door once more and sat soundlessly at the crack of the door. Waiting for the creature to approach the door too. Or for its scent to find his nostrils without him making too much noise. But neither seemed to happen and soon Baloo’s eyes became heavy.

Blinking slowly, he fell asleep within moments.

Soon morning light hit Baloo’s back and warmed him until he was just about awake.

The door beside him opened, causing him to awaken. Fearing the creature was escaping. Only to discover it was the tiny human coming out of her dwelling.

Lila lay down beside him on the carpeted floor and pet him, softly.

“Baloo, what are you doing?” she asked him curiously, bringing her nose close to his.

Before he could answer, “Lila?” Mama called.

Causing both of them to jump.

“If you're awake, get dressed. Your friends will be coming soon,” she called from downstairs.

“Yes, Mom,” Lila called back, giving Baloo a few more pets. “I gotta go B, my birthday party is today,” she commented, kissing him on top of the head.

Unhappy with all the attention. Baloo got up with a stretch and left as Lila closed the door behind her.

Forgetting about the creature for now. Baloo made his way downstairs to demand breakfast, as usual.

Hours later, more and more tiny humans came into their home. Which meant that Baloo needed a good hiding spot, away from all the commotion. He crept up the stairs, hoping not to draw attention to himself.

Landing on the top stair, Baloo was on his way to Mama and Papa’s room when a sudden sound erupted from Papa’s office.

“Aroooo, Ipe Ipe Arooo.”

Jumping with a start, he knew he was under attack and ran straight into Mama’s closet. Hiding under all the dresses she hung in the corner. Hoping whatever beast was hunting him, wouldn’t find him and then lose interest.

Waiting to be hunted down, Baloo sat frozen in place. Huffing silently to himself as he died to calm himself and hoped not to be found.

Soon enough his breathing steadied and he realized that nothing seemed to be after him. He thought about coming out of hiding but this seemed like a great hiding spot from all the tiny humans. So he curled up and decided a cat nap was well deserved after fending off a wild beast.

Hours passed and Baloo awoke from his sleep, stretching he awoke to the sounds of an empty house. The tiny humans must have vacated his kingdom, leaving him to rule once more.

Still stretching he waddled out of the closet and sat in the entrance. Peering down the hall he noticed Papa’s office door was now open. Meaning the beast was now free.

Immediately raising his hackles, Baloo waddled out of Mama and Papa’s room, towards the office. Steady in his steps but completely aware of his surroundings. Jumping as something noisy happened downstairs. Assuming the creature must be down there.

Torn between defending his family and researching the creature. He gave into curiosity and crept into Papa’s office.

Standing in the doorway he was met by some horrendous odours. The smell of pee, feces, and some kind of food hit his nostrils. Whatever this thing was it was barbaric.

He walked in with great caution, approaching two bowls beside Papa’s desk. One containing water and the other containing some kind of kibbles similar to his.

Giving one a lick, he quickly discovered that these were easily nothing in comparison to his own food. spitting it back into the bowl he carried on the investigation.

Looking around, he was met by the source of the urine and feces he had smelled previously. A small mat was set on the floor and there this creature left behind its droppings. How disgusting.

There were also toys of some kind laid on the floor. But before he could investigate further a shriek had erupted downstairs.

The creature was attacking his family! Baloo sprang into action, running down the stairs but immediately freezing halfway down.

“It’s a puppy!” Lila shouted over and over. This creature with floppy ears, a long tail, and black, brown, and white coloured fur ran around the living room.

This was the creature for certain, this was the ‘puppy’ they spoke of.

What fresh hell is this?

Lila sat on the floor with her ‘puppy’ as it jumped all over her licking her face.

No doubt tasting her for later.

While she smiled, laughed, and cuddled the ‘puppy’ affectionately.

Having no idea what danger she must be in.

Baloo crept further down the stairs. Careful not to draw attention but ready to take action should the beast attack his girl. But once he stepped onto the hardwood and sat down, the beast came barreling in his direction.

Determined to let the thing know whose boss, Baloo held his ground and stuck his nose in the air.

The puppy didn’t care, instead, it crashed into him. Licking him profusely and jumping on him excitedly.

Panicking Baloo smacked the beast and ran back up the stairs. Unable to defeat this uncivilized creature.

Papa called the creature back to them, saving Baloo from being eaten alive as he stopped at the top of the stairs. They opened the back door and closed it with a slam.

No doubt extraditing the beast from their home.

Feeling safer, Baloo came halfway down again. Watching for any sign of the beast but seeing nothing.

He trotted down the stairs silently and jumped up on the kitchen countertop. Ready to do battle, should the creature return.

His human’s seemed to be studying the thing outside. Lila ran in circles with the ‘puppy’ and her parents watching happily.

This led Baloo to wonder if, the creature wasn’t so dangerous.

Its movements seemed uncontrolled and its features looked oversized. As though it needed to grow into them more. What bothered him was that if this creature was a baby and it was already half of his size, how much bigger would it get?

With that thought, Lila and Puppy came crashing in through the back door.

Making Baloo hunker down in place as he watched the chaos unfold within the kitchen and living room. Hoping the puppy wouldn’t notice him.

Lila sat on the carpet, doing a sort of tug-of-war motion with a toy she had in hand and the puppy holding it in its mouth. They did this back and forth until finally, the beast collapsed upon the carpet.

Dead? Could it be that Lila defeated the beast? Baloo sat still, watching it intensely. To his disappointment, he could see its chest heaving up and down, as it breathed heavily. This thing fell asleep mid-play.

For Baloo, this was confirmation that it was indeed a baby. Only baby animals did things this ridiculous. Like most babies, the best part was when they finally fell asleep.

Baloo continued to observe the puppy from afar, waiting for it to wake up at any moment.

“Have you chosen a name for him?” Papa asked, walking over to Baloo and stroking him on his back.

Purring instantly, Baloo lifted his head. Asking for more.

“Mowgli,” Lila stated softly, looking down at the puppy in adoration. She smiled to herself, stroking his floppy ears.

Well, that was it, Baloo thought. They’ve named the beast so they were going to keep it. This was how it was going to end, for him.

Over the next few weeks, Baloo watched the Mowgli, as they called him. Learning his name and where to go to the bathroom and all sorts of other things. Most of this Baloo watched at a distance. Jealously observing all the treats he got for things that should have been common sense.

Poor fool that Mowgli was, allowing the humans to train him to do their bidding. Much different that the life Baloo leads. He’ll have to take some time when the humans are away to teach Mowgli the proper way of life. If he expected to survive at all.

This triggered a memory for him. Remembering a larger fluffy grey cat that had taken care of him when he was younger. Baggy was what they called him.

He taught Baloo everything he needed to know. How to clean himself, how to hunt birds, how to bury his droppings so predators wouldn't find them. But Baggy was a cat like Baloo and that was easier to teach. Baloo would have to think long and hard about how he could help Mowgli, if at all.

He decided he would observe for the next couple of weeks and see what Mowgli needed most. Only then he would teach him the best he could.

Going to the bathroom in the correct place seemed to be an issue for this Mowgli. Having accidents throughout the house and then the scolding that occurred afterward.

Baloo had never seen Papa get so angry with anyone before, scolding both Lila and Mowgli. Which only made him feel sorry for the puppy. He didn’t know better and the tiny human wasn’t great at paying attention to all the cues.

One morning, Lila came down the stairs and bypassed Mowgli as he sat in his crate. Begging to be let out for his morning bathroom break.

“Not now Mowgli,” she replied, ignoring his cries as she made herself some breakfast.

Baloo had to interfere. Immediately he jumped into action, literally. Hopping up on the counter and perching himself well in view. Baloo began to meow. Something like when he demanded breakfast but with more urgency.

“Lila, could you feed Baloo please?” Papa called from upstairs.

“Okay,” she called back, taking her bowl of cereal to the table but making no move to do as Papa asked.

Baloo and Mowgli made more and more noise. Baloo even jumped onto the forbidden kitchen table. Catching her attention as he meowed more urgently.

“Fine.” she begrudgingly muttered, getting up and pouring some food into Baloo’s bowl.

Baloo was tempted but didn’t move a muscle, determined to help his puppy out.

Lila sat back down and continued eating. Ignoring the continued ruckus from her animals.

The sound of heavy feet coming down the stairs alerted everyone and all towards the stairs.

A sleepy-looking Papa stood partway down the stairs. “What is going on down here?” he asked, watching Lila with a suspicious eye.

Baloo meowed once again, trying to explain to Papa what was happening.

“I hear you B,” he stated, coming to the bottom of the stairs. “Lila, did you feed him as I asked?” he inquired, folding his arms across his chest.

“Yes, but he just keeps meowing,” she explained, turning back to her cereal and taking a few more bites.

“Hmmm.” Papa thought, walking towards them and stopping in front of Mowgli. “Did you let Mowgli out yet?” he asked, seeming to already know the answer.

“No. I was hungry,” she stated, finishing the last of her cereal.

“Lila,” Papa called her, disappointment clear in his eyes and voice. “What did we talk about?” he asked, sounding as though he were about to scold her again. “Mowgli comes first, he can’t hold it that long and you need to train him properly.” Papa continued, placing his hands on his hips as he bared down at her.

“I didn’t have time.” she pleaded, looking guilty.

“You need to make time. He’s your puppy.” he scolded, sounding angry.

“You’re not my real father, I don’t have to listen to you!” she shouted and ran upstairs.

The kitchen remained silent for a moment, everyone seeming to be in shock.

Baloo jumped down from the table, he rubbed against Papa’s legs and then Mowgli’s cage.

“Right. Sorry buddy.” Papa acknowledged, opening the crate and walking with Mowgli to the front door. Letting him out and watching him as he did his business.

Finally a win for team Balogli. But somehow it didn't seem like a real win with Papa seeming saddened by something. Maybe it was something the tiny human had said to him. Baloo couldn’t be sure though.

Over the next couple of weeks, Mowgli was finally potty trained and no longer had to sleep in the crate. As long as he behaved himself.

Also over the last couple of weeks. Mowgli began to grow larger and larger until finally, he was larger than Baloo himself.

The pair of them formed a bond. Baloo would help remind the humans when it was time to go out and Mowgli would do tricks to earn them both a few treats. It seemed like they had become the dream team they were.

Sure Baloo couldn’t stand his dog's breath and Mowgli could get a little rough sometimes. But over all, they were the perfect mismatched pair and had become inseparable. He may not have loved it but overall, getting a puppy was one of the best things that had happened to him.

Although Baloo would never actually admit it.


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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    "The tiny humans must have vacated his kingdom, leaving him to rule once more." "Whatever this thing was it was barbaric." "What fresh hell is this?" "No doubt tasting her for later." "Unable to defeat this uncivilized creature." "Dead? Could it be that Lila defeated the beast?" "Jealously observing all the treats he got for things that should have been common sense." See, this is what I mean by you're hilarious! These made me laugh sooo much! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 As I mentioned below, my favourite part was still when Baloo tried so hard to make Lila let Mowgli out of his crate! Team Balogli! 🥰🥰🥰

  • This story was so much fun! My favourite part was when Baloo fought hard to get someone to let Mowgli out of this crate! I love team Balogli! Also, that was such a low blow wheb Lila said Papa wasn't her real father. The way I see it, Lila should be in the crate, not Mowgli!

  • L.C. Schäfer11 months ago

    My cat absolutely pretends to hate the dog, for the look of the thing... but she loves her really 😁 She also does that "menace the birds" through the window bit, which is hilarious. I think the sparrows know she can't reach them and they taunt her on purpose 😁

  • Novel Allenabout a year ago

    Hey. how is it going. Wanna join the FOX-ALLEN CLUB ON VOCAL. I'm still here, mostly writing and not posting much. You should start writing a ton of everything, Get back to me for more info. I had an epiphany.

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