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Rumi My Love

by Patricia Anne 11 days ago in dog

A Canine Spirit Dog Love Story

Blue Heaven's Spirit of Rumi

In which Patricia Anne has a conversation with her beloved dog Rumi. Reader suspend your disbelief and enter the tale. This is a fiction.

The day rolled out like a dirge and I hardly got out of the cabin where I am staying -- only a few times to chase Rumi down. He’s been very good about staying close but he likes the sweet young couple staying at Fairytale Cottage next door.

They are renting Airbnb too like me but just for the weekend. Noah and Marie. Lovely names don’t you think? Wonderful energy. They are a beautiful couple and I like them enormously but I don’t want Rumi to be a nuisance or to appear unattended.

I don’t worry too much about Rumi roaming because he doesn’t. He has a tight perimeter like the chickens at home at Cedar Creek but of course I worry about keeping Rumi safe from cars. He is a herder after all and he chases things that move. That is his nature. Rumi is a Shetland Sheepdog--tri-color. He is named after the 13th century Persian spiritual poet Rumi. Rumi the poet loved dogs.

I have always had Shetland Sheepdogs ever since I was a little girl. I remember my childhood Shetland sheepdog sweet Buffy -- her formal name was Wicky’s Surprise Bouquet. My mother did that. Sweet Buffy -- who waited patiently for me for hours and hours on my friend Libby’s front stoop when I was little girl out playing. Rumi does that too. He is doing it now at the cabin, sentinel on the little front porch under the overhang by the cord wood. I just went to check on him to verify this and he was not sentinel and I said okay wrong but then he peeked out from around the cabin corner and said right here Momma I heard you.

Rumi says no thank you I don’t want to come in. I want to sit here now by the door and listen to these morning sounds Momma.

And I say you do that Rumi and what a good boy you are.

He says yes.

Rumi loves a good visit. When he is outside he will extend his reach to include visits. If he hears a visiting opportunity he will reach it. He goes visiting. He visits Noah and Marie while they are here. I have caught Rumi visiting several times and one time the first night they brought him back to Gables Cabin. I was writing furiously at the little round dining table and I heard a knock knock of the screen door and I said that is Rumi wanting in and slowly I leave off a word and get up for the door. He hadn’t been out more than a few minutes.

I started some to see Noah and Marie smiling there and I said I thought it was Rumi knocking because he is smart like that and they laughed but I wasn’t making a joke. We exchanged pleasantries and introductions and off they went. Earlier I had to fetch Rumi from the Fairytale Cottage yard and he was jumping on Marie and I said Rumi no jumping Rumi and he didn’t mind me and I said Rumi is only nine months old. He is a puppy you see.

Oh a puppy! No! They say. They were surprised because Rumi is of course very regal and handsome and wise. He doesn't look like a puppy at all.

Rumi says that’s right Momma. He says there is nothing wrong with puppies Mother but I have important work to do and I consider myself capable, willing and able to do this work and I say indeed my canine spirit dog son.

You are a sheep dog! A sheep dog Rumi!

He says a sheep dog, Momma?

And I say yes and then I tell him about the movie Babe and Fly and Rex and their many puppies.

I say now Rumi Rex is quite cross and stern for reasons I do not fully fathom but he is so loyal and brave and he watches over Fly and the puppies and all the farm animals and master is reliant upon Rex absolutely in the field to work the sheep.

Rex works the sheep Momma?

He does and you should see him go Rumi! But he’s so sour Rumi. I think Rex’s disposition is borne of his many farm responsibilities. He must work hard. He protects and tends and Rex is very grand and serious about this. Rex means King.

Rumi is attentive to this. I say now Fly is gentle and nurturing, a wonderful mother to the puppies and all the farm animals and Babe too in the barn. She is a beautiful dog and has a lovely calming energy and when Rex returns to the barn from his travails he swiftly transforms, curls up and becomes nearly as loving and as docile as Fly but not quite. Rex is ever alert to danger.

Rumi says yes Momma. But will I grow stern and cross like Rex?

No I do not think so Rumeo my love. You are not tasked with farm management which is a great and onerous responsibility. You are tasked with managing me only and when the children come you will watch over them like the brilliant shepherd you are.

Rumi says oh yes Momma I love this show. BarkBark. When will the children come? I am eager to amplify my charge in this way.

I know you are and you are a good good boy Rumi. I umnderstand many things must come to pass before the little ones arrive. Rumi let me tell you about God's right timing.

God’s right timing momma?

Yes canine spirit dog son. God manifests and that means makes things happen. Manifestation comes when the time is right for manifestation and not before. Now humans have manifestation responsibilities and one such responsibility is their prayer and another such responsibility is their faith. Manifestation also requires right action Rumi and that means having pure intent in thought, word, action and deed. Pure intent is the demonstration of love Rumi. Unselfish love. We say unconditional love Rumi. This is hard to do for humans but not dogs.

Rumi nods solemnly. Yes Mother but Mother may I ask a question of this?

Yes of course my son.

Why is unselfish love so hard for humans Mother?

It is hard because humans become attached to having things their own way and they become hungry for that way only. When another human or circumstance or situation challenges this way the human roars and says No! I do not like that. Stamp Stamp Stamp.

Now that is how a child would say no right Rumi? But an adult does not act like a child in this self same way. An adult says no without stamping or says no thank you or says I am angry about that roar roar roar or maybe the adult says I refuse.

Now the human who refuses does not always grow. Human challenges are often growth moments Rumi. It is hard for humans to grow. They resist. They roar. They stamp. And as with most things human it is complicated because sometimes resistance is quite necessary and important. Resistance can keep humans safe and sometimes pure.

Let me provide an example. This is canine spirit dog son school now and I appreciate your attention Rumeo.

Yes Mother.

One such example of this challenge is sexual expression and this is how humans love each other physically. It often comes to pass that humans desire sexual expression but inappropriately because other humans are not their partners under God or the human is too young for sexual expression. Now in cases such as these resistance is essentially important because it says no human this is not a good investment and you will not make it. Set it aside, release and recommit to your purpose.

These are often quick and split second choices Rumi and humans do not focus on these. They are matters of instinct and are generally inconsequential. But mature humans often have longer and more difficult encounters with this challenge too.

It is unfortunate that mature humans sometimes use intoxicants and drugs and these substances significantly weaken resistance. Humans call this lacking inhibition and sometimes that is a good thing and often it is not. Humans make many mistakes this way and regret these mistakes terribly in the form of guilt which is just a misery to humans. Rumi.

Rumi raises his head, tilts it and says, really Momma?

Yes my son. These are often momentary lapses of moral judgment. It happens in the grip of intoxicating substances like alcohol and prescription medication which changes brain chemistry and allows people to believe problems can be solved with other expressions.

Rumi says oh no Momma.

I tell you this so that you understand son. Humans make these mistakes. Many people make these mistakes and then hide them and do not speak of them. Then other people condemn them for these mistakes despite sometimes doing the very same mistakes.

Really Momma? That's weird.

It is weird Rumi but human beings are very complicated about these things. Mistakes are merely mistakes. Mistakes are not sins Rumi. Mistakes are lessons. All can be redeemed. We are to learn from our mistakes and it hurts very much to do this learning. Many people avoid the learning.

I avoided this for many years. But I was blessed to heal myself and my healing also took about five years Rumi. I worked on this for five years. That was before you came to me. You were my gift to myself for healing.

Awww Momma. That's so sweet.

That’s right canine spirit dog son. You were my healing gift. Now I made progress during these five years and that motivated me to stay the course but healing was a difficult process and I was challenged very often. Many people did not support me. They encouraged the reliance on intoxicating substances -- all of them at different points Rumi. Even alcohol.

Now it was up to me entirely to stand defensive against these entreaties. I refused all pharmaceuticals and intoxicants even though I was ill. When I did not acquiesce to taking them I was invalidated and disbelieved. I was forced to take to my bed and see few people. Few people chose to see me.

I had been these these substances for over half my life -- more than twenty five years Rumi. Antidepressants and benzodiazepines. Vaccines. Painkillers at times. Many other pharmaceuticals at times as my illness progressed. Rumi my intoxication disease was severe. I nearly died ridding myself of these agents. I learned this is the way of cellular detoxification. I read a book by Kelly Brogan called Own Yourself which helped me get off intoxicants and heal. Now I was also burdened by the pathogenic infection Chronic Lyme Disease which was an opportunistic infection that set up camp in my damaged mitochondrial cells. This complicated matters significantly and I became very very ill indeed.

I am sorry to hear that Momma.

Now I want you to understand that people take these drugs and become confused. It is the wily nature of these false substances that they deceive the body and make it feel better superficially while stealthily doing damage destroying the mitochondria. The damage expresses in the way we age and in our physical condition, our weight, the look of our skin, our hair, nails, our eyes. We may feel generally well. We may feel ‘okay.’ We may see this as the condition of being our human selves but we would be wrong about that. Human beings should feel better than ‘okay.’ They should look better too.

Now Rumi you can look around today when we go out and see for yourself how humans look from a lifetime of false substances of many kinds. It was not like this before. Now humans don’t look well. They are heavy and pale and sallow, their bodies misshapen and ponderous. They move weakly. But how Rumi and why? Humans didn’t always look this way. They did not. It is the false substances, medication, and the false food. These intoxicate the body and make it weak and ill.

Now Rumi. Listen to me. This will strike very hard. The same thing happens to dogs.

Oh no it does Momma?

Yes. People intoxicate their dogs and cats and other animals too. They get cancer from this and die early. Rumi. Listen. Humans intoxicate their children.

Their children! Oh no Momma no! Is this true?

It is true. They do not mean to do this. Humans are asleep at the wheel of the ship. Now it careens off course entirely. Iceberg straight ahead. Now this means we are the Titanic Rumi and the Titanic was a grand, grand ship that could not sink and yet it did sink Rumi. It sank like a stone and many many, many people perished unnecessarily.

Oh no Momma. Oh no. What can I do to help shepherd this flock? I am terrified.

Now Rumi you are but a lad but I will tell you that you can lead by example just as I am doing. I am committed to this role but people do not listen. They ignore me and say Patricia Anne is off her rocker now. Why do they not see my glowing health and ageless beauty? I have dropped twenty years with this healing but they choose not to look or listen. I am as if a leper in my vibrancy. My colony is of one. I am well and there are many, many others like me. We are vibrantly well. We do not intoxicate.

Now Rumi you likewise shine and you are a perfect breed specimen as yet unburdened by intoxicants. You received only a responsible application of medicinals in your infancy by your loving breed parents. Then I said no meddling with my precious boy. I will not intoxicate him and I prepare your food myself and you are perfect. Yes you are Rumeo my love. I love you canine spirit dog son. Your divine biology will be preserved so that you may flourish as intended and this is my promise to you.

Now I may be forced at times to inoculate you and this will be absolutely against my will and I will wail and cry injustice! Injustice! Injustice! I am preserving his divine biology here. And then I will cry, pick myself up and treat you fine, feed you well, and detoxify you as best I can. This is a heartbreaking reality for me but I pledge to defend you against as much of this onslaught as I can.

Oh thank you Momma. Thank you.

Now Rumi we have come far from our beginning. Have you questions for me?

Yes Mother. I wish to know more of the children.

Oh yes my canine spirit dog son. We will pause here and say your question is one of great import for another time and another lesson. I aim to shepherd the children safely and this needs help because worldly pressures are so very great. This narrative is as yet incomplete. Rumi you open a principle debate and we will continue this soon.

What of the children you ask. What of the children indeed.

Well Rumi my love as always you have been a patient and attentive listener. Let us go walk now. We will exercise our bodies vigorously and take in fresh air and sun. Few things bring me more pleasure than seeing my Rumi run towards me. Yes this is so and Akasha Akasha Akasha! Guess what? Soon you will have a little brother to play with Rumi and won’t that be grand! Akasha!

Rumi says yes Momma barkbarkbark!


Patricia Anne

Self healer, writer, spiritual learner.

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