My Best Friend

by Alyssa Machado 2 years ago in dog

A little about my best friend...

My Best Friend

When you read the title you probably thought that my best friend was a human. She is! But she is not the best friend of mine that I am writing about. The best friend I am writing about is not human.

He is a dog.

A five-year-old boxer dog, to be exact. His name is Rocky.

It might sound silly, but Rocky has changed my life. The five years I've known him have been the best five years of my life. Rocky is the most amazing dog.

I could write a whole series of books about him, but I'll try my best to keep this short.

I'm going to start at the first day I met him. I was eight. I woke up, and I was watching TV. My baby brother was recently born and I was playing with him. Out of nowhere, my mom said, "Let's get a dog."

You would not believe how excited I was. Anyways, she pulled out her laptop and went on Kijiji.

(Please don't hate on this! Yes, I know you should adopt dogs from shelters! I'm sorry!)

She was looking at two retrievers. A white one, and a black one. She couldn't decide on which one. I took the laptop and that's when I saw him.

He was the thumbnail of the post. He was so cute that I actually started to cry. Anyways, we called and they said he was the last puppy left. We rushed over.

His mom and dad were huge. I never had a big dog before, so I was really excited. The only dog I've ever had was a pretty small Chihuahua Pomeranian mix named Milo.

His name was originally Baby. He saw me and ran away. I was greatly offended! (Just kidding, haha!) Anyways, we paid for him and left.

In the car, he peed on my mom. My mom really loved the name Charlie. She was debating to name him Charlie, Kash, or Rocky. If you want me to be totally honest, I hated the name Kash. In the end, she chose Rocky.

Ever since then, he's been my best friend. He's laid with me while I was sick. When I was sad, he sat with me. He listened to me talk. (He had no other choice... Anyways...) When he thought I was about to drown, he tried to rescue me... Funny story actually.

I was in the pool with my cousin. We were swimming and talking, and then we just heard a huge splash. I turned and there was Rocky. (Just to let you know, he absolutely HATES water.) I was worried that he didn't know how to swim, since he's never actually swam without help, so I held him up with my leg.

Another time I was walking along a trail with my mom, brother, and Rocky. Every time I went into the river, he'd follow. The river wasn't deep enough for either of us to swim. And when I went back out, he'd follow.

I guess this about to turn into a story time... Get ready!

One time I noticed a bump on his ear. I was worried, but mostly because I love him to death and if anything were to happen to him I'd die. Anyways, I told my mom. A few days later, it got bigger. I began to get really worried, and every bad possible thing that it could be popped into my head. We took him to the vet. It was something called a hematoma which is basically clotted blood. (I think...) The vet gave us some medicine, and it ended up going away.

Another time, me, my mom, my cousin, my brother, and Rocky went camping. Rocky was in the tent and my mom closed it, but he got out. That time we were there though, so we saw him. Anyways, they decided it would be a good idea to go get food. So they put Rocky in the tent. I begged them to let me stay, but they didn't. When we got back, he was gone. I immediately started to cry. My mom went looking for him, and luckily found him laying down on someone's lawn.

I hope you enjoyed this story. I just felt the need to write about my best friend so everyone knows how amazing he is!

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