Life with a Dachshund​

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My Little Hero

Life with a Dachshund​
My Dog Biscuit.

Yes, the Dachshund, a dog that is famous for its long narrow body. One of the smallest dog breeds in the world. And I say one of the neediest. I mean most dogs try to follow its owner into the bathroom, but this one makes a mission out of it. With clawing, scratching, and whining, my god, this dog is determined, I would even say passionate in trying to invade your privacy. You're doing your business when suddenly this dog comes in and wants attention. This dog wants to be smothered and will yelp and cry until it gets what it wants, don't cave into their cute eyes, don't do it. You're only playing into their games. They love it.

Then there is that long narrow body of theirs. The Dachshund body was specifically bred to hunt down barrow animals like the badger. I mean their name literally means badger dog. Even though such things are not really needed in these modern times, hunting down badgers, but once they spot a hole they will pursue. My mother had told me many stories of my dog who would jump right into holes. She actually had to pull his tiny legs to get him out. They will tap into their instincts and pursues holes to see if there are any rabbits or badgers living underground. These small dogs will start fights with anybody or anything. Mine did that a lot, however with time and age, he stopped doing that.

They are gluttons. They will eat and eat forever even after they were fed. They will sit there completely quiet and stare while you eat. It amazes me how much this tiny dog can eat and not get sick. They get fat, but never get sick. I mean if I ate as much as my dog does I would be puking my guts out.

They are very stubborn. Challenge this breed and they will put up a fight. If they are resting on the couch they will not budge. If you command them to move they will not. You physically need to push them to the side. You can also just pick them up and move them. Just trust me on this. Okay. They will not give back the toy. If you are playing catch with your Dachshund, keep in mind once you throw that toy you will have to chase down that dog down. They will not give it back. It's fun for them being chased. I will tell you this, don't under estimate those tiny legs they are fast and they can outrun you. These are some of the quirks of a dachshund.

The dog that you see in the photo above is my dog. I had him since I was six years old. Fourteen years have passed and he still acts like this. This little guy really gave us a bit of an adventure. There is, however, some depressing part of having one Dachshund like how dangerous it is for him to climb up and down stairs independently. Their backs are more delicate than most dogs and if their backs get damaged they are very close to death. My dog had three close calls. This mostly happens when they are much older, but it's important to keep a sharp eye out. There is also the fact that their tiny legs some times cannot support their body and gets crushed under the weight, sometimes they have to get their legs removed. However, these drawbacks don't stop these energetic and over zealous little monsters from having fun. Especially this one. Not my little hero.

J A Miller
J A Miller
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