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Life Lessons I’ve Learned From the Dogs in My Neighbourhood

by Roselyn Violet 2 months ago in dog

When I need a hand, I found your paw!

Life Lessons I’ve Learned From the Dogs in My Neighbourhood
Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash

I've always wanted a pet dog, but my parents already had two (me and my sister), so they never allowed us to have any. But, dogs always have intrigued me. They're more than just dogs.

I'd play with the puppies and their parents in my neighbourhood and learn so much from them. When you look into their eyes, you just don't see an animal; you see a friend, a soul—beauty, love and hope.

Their faithful nature. Their loyalty. Their courage. Their affection and love. Their patience. Their intelligence. Their gentleness. Everything about them is intriguing. Aren't they perfect?

When you look into their eyes, you just don't see an animal; you see a friend, a soul—beauty, love and hope.

These perfect creatures aren't just loyal companions; they are great teachers as well. They don't speak, but I can hear the wisdom they silently give us through their actions.

Here are some of the many wise lessons the puppies and their parents in my neighbourhood have given me.

Dogs don't speak, but they convey their wise lessons to us through their actions. Indeed, dogs are great teachers.

I hope you love these lessons as much as I do.

#1. Live in the Moment

Planning and reflection are necessary, but we need to learn to let go of the past and not wait for the future. We need to learn to live consciously and be aware of each moment we breathe.

Dogs don't worry about their past or future. All they care is about cuddling with their owner right now. Learn from them, man.

#2. Love With All Your Heart

A dog is the only thing in the whole wide world that loves you more than it loves himself.

Search on the web, and you'll find thousands of stories where the dog has died to save its owner. Some angels come with fur instead of wings. A dog knows the value of love, friendship, and humanity more than humans do— Thus it is rightly said, those who teach the most about humanity aren't always humans.

Learn to love those around you— your family, friends, relatives, and anyone else. Develop deep relationships with everyone who cares about you and grow with them together.

Dogs don't shed. They emit magical fibers of joy and love!

#3. Be Yourself

We've already got many perfect robots out there, so you be you.

Dogs don't pretend to be anyone; they are beautifully themselves. Being real makes them perfect. And we humans should learn it as well.

Be proud of who you are, and don't be ashamed of how anybody else sees you. You are the perfect soul, so be YOU. As Suzy Kassem said, an original is worth more than a copy.

#4. Be Loyal

Reward loyalty with loyalty and disloyalty with disloyalty.

Someone wise has said, there's nothing more attractive than loyalty. And I think a dog has said so.

As it is rightly said, dog's are a man's true friend. They won't wake up the next day and leave you all alone. It will always love you, every second of its life. It's time to accept, love, and be loyal to the people around you who love you and care for you. Loyalty is not a trait; it's a way of living. Be loyal to those people around you who love and trust you.

But a dog won't be loyal to a dishonest person. You only owe loyalty to the people who don't make you question theirs.

#5. Enjoy your Life

A simple walk with me was the happiest thing for the puppies in the garden.

A dog lives for ten to thirteen years, but it LIVES. It is in peace with itself. It doesn't waste its time in bullshit, like many of us humans do. A simple walk with me was the happiest thing for the puppies in the garden. It's the small things that matter for a dog. Enjoy the small things, life will be happier.

If you want to truly enjoy your life, you must be at peace with yourself.

#6. Be Courageous

Fear is a reaction, Courage is a decision

Dogs wag their tails with loyalty and courage. The dogs in my fellowship used to bark whenever a stranger/risky-looking man used to pass by or enter our kingdom. If you take a minute to search it on the web, many brave woofers have surprised their masters with incredible acts of bravery.

Courage comes from admitting (and facing) your fears and embracing vulnerability. Courage isn't a trait; it's something to cope with and learn. Be yourself and have a growth mindset, and you will soon become a brave man.

#7. Be Enthusiastic

Enthusiasm is the electricity of life.

It's often bizarre to see dogs being excited all the time. They're joyous most of the time (if their master is). They get excited about something as insignificant as a daily meal.

But, I have learned from these joyous creatures that enthusiasm makes everything interesting. When you're enthusiastic, you're interested, which directly leads to focus. Be enthusiastic...everywhere for everything.

Although most people think enthusiasm is a quality inherited, it is a skill you can develop by trying to be positive (until one day you really are). Try practising enthusiasm, and you'll be a perfect, enthusiastic person one day.

Takeaway—Get Yourself A Dog

To never know the love of a dog is to miss the best thing life has to give.

If you do not have anyone obsessed with cleanliness like my parents, then get yourself a dog. A study shows people with pets have better mental health than people without pets. They can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, ease loneliness, encourage exercise and playfulness, and even improve your cardiovascular health. Caring for an animal can help children grow up more secure and active. Pets also provide valuable companionship for older adults.

Trust me; you'll feel way better than you do with a dog. As Kristen Higgins says, when an eighty-five-pound mammal licks your tears away, then tries to sit on your lap, it's hard to feel sad. Also, dogs are better than your relationship expert friends. If your dog doesn't like someone, you also shouldn't.

All you need is love and a dog.

Thank You!


Roselyn Violet

Hey there, I'm Roselyn Violet. My penname means "violet beautiful roses." I've been writing online since the past two years (and have been loving it). And I'm currently writing a poetry book.

Here I am: Vocal is my therapy.

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