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Information on Red Iguana: Their Main Features

by Nishant Baxi about a month ago in exotic pets

Information on Red Iguana

Information on Red Iguana: Their Main Features
Photo by Pierre Bamin on Unsplash

Iguanas are the largest species in the Lizards. The green iguanas are the most favorite as pets. There is a type of iguanas with colorful skin. This variety is called red iguana. The most popular among the red iguanas is Red Sided Skink. This is a terrestrial variety, which is multicolored and is semi-aquatic. They make their dwelling on rock plain in open forests of Eastern and Southern Africa.

The red iguanas are becoming very popular as a pet like green iguanas and you can often find them in the back garden or inside the homes.

You have to provide for certain necessities to bring up iguana in the new environment as a pet.

Proper shelter:

First of all the iguana is to be provided a proper dwelling. A red iguana can live in water. You can arrange a 30-gallon capacity aquarium for it. Different types and shapes of enclosures can be used for iguana. These can be made from wood, glass, Plexiglas, or plastic. Its base should be very clean. You can use newspaper, linoleum, or artificial glass at the base. The enclosure should be free from soil, dust, sand, or bark. These may choke iguana when it swallows any such thing.

Red iguanas should be furnished with a shallow container for their food and water. These containers should be regularly cleaned and disinfected to avert any infection.

As iguanas like to climb up the branches of trees, you can place some branches, twigs, barks, rocks and broad limbs, and similar material for them.

Correct Food:

Iguanas are herbivores and mostly feed on leaves, vegetables, and fruits. Their diet should be balanced and a major part of it should comprise leafy vegetables like mustard greens, kale, escarole, spinach, etc. They should also be fed with some amount of food rich in proteins. Also, they can be fed green peppers, frozen mixed vegetables, squash, green beans, and fruits such as apple, banana, and mangoes. Young iguana should be fed daily.

Sufficient Amount of Water:

Iguanas should be given adequate water to drink. Usually, they eat plants and vegetables, which meets their requirement of water to some extent. They also lick the water from petals. If they do not take sufficient water they will get dehydrated. You should keep water in deep bowls for them. They take a dip to drink water if they are trained. You should train them on it. The water should be clean and the containers should be daily cleaned to avoid any bacteria.

Bringing up/preparing your Iguana

Your pet iguana should be properly brought up and trained. It is good to teach it to take a bath. This way, it can take some water and also clean itself. You should provide lukewarm water for iguanas to take a bath. The container should be shallow. The iguana should take a bath at least thrice a week. You should take care of your iguanas for their safety. Some iguanas will have fun while bathing whereas others may get frightened.

Managing your Iguana:

You should handle your iguana to tame him in such a way that it is disciplined and trained. It is to be trained occasionally. If you interact with it regularly, it can develop affection with you and you can train your iguana easily. The training session can be twice or thrice a day for about 10 to 15 minutes. You should pat their neck and back to make them pick up the things quickly. You should bear in mind that by nature these creatures are invasive. Therefore, you need to handle them with utmost care.

The above information reveals a few facts about the characteristics of red iguanas. It is critical to take proper care of these pets.

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Nishant Baxi
Nishant Baxi
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