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How A Modern Witch Manifested Her Wolf Familiar

by Kalyn Lady 12 months ago in adoption
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Fur Babies, Soulmate Dogs, Familiars, and Magic


Everything happens for a reason, and usually that reason has to do with the powers of your mind. Finding my animal familiar began in the summer of 2017. I had just returned from my first trip overseas. After spending most of the springtime exploring ancient architecture like the Great Pyramids and getting to see the iconic cities of Europe from Paris to Venice to Rome, I was feeling extremely claustrophobic coming back to the family nest. With that first taste of freedom still alive and flowing through my veins, when my ex-boyfriend-turned-travel-partner invited me to stay with his family in the state of North Carolina, I took it. This was my first chance to move away from my home state of Florida.

Nadiya on a mountain path of her own.

I was taking this path to the mountains because I knew that I wanted to explore my life outside of the realm of what was expected of me. My upbringing in Florida was a little conservative when it came to choosing what I should be doing with my life. I was still trying to figure it all out.

I only lasted about three months in North Carolina. My partner's family revealed itself to be much more chaotic than my own. But during that summer I got to hike a few mountains and dream about what it would be like to have a fur baby that was all my own.

Kalyn and Nadiya inside a dream at the Atlanta Aquarium.

I found myself missing everything that provided me with any semblance of stability, and in turn, I wasn’t having much luck finding a new workplace. I had quit my job months ago so that I could take off and explore Europe, The Middle East, and Iceland all spring. The expectations and pressures for money of my ex-boyfriend’s mother hunted me like prey.

All of these circumstances caused me to retreat into the sanctity of my own mind. I was unhappy with my weight since getting back from Europe, and with nothing to occupy my days, I started to work out – something I had never done before. What felt like a trap at the time was actually an alchemical process of transformation. I was forced into a physical and mental shift. With the start of my fitness journey and the addition of my hikes, I was able to lose 15 pounds quite quickly as I daydreamed of having my Siberian Husky. Secretly, I had always wanted one. But since I lived in Florida, I thought it would never happen. Now, with the snowy winters of North Carolina, I could let myself dream about that which my heart truly desired. At night I’d whisper to my beau about the beauty of heterochromia eyes and contemplate the day we’d be stable enough to get a puppy.

Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me.

One Year Later

It was the first day of September, and I had just lost my virginity in the early hours of the predawn morning. I had been with a boy that I was desperately in love with but knew that I couldn’t have to keep. After saving myself for 23 years, I thought that choosing him would make a bigger impact on our lives than it actually did. When I was away scuba diving off of Utila Island in Honduras, he seemed like he truly desired me. Now that I was back and had went through with this impactful decision, he decided that he still only wanted to keep me inside of his golden birdcage. We disintegrated quickly after that night.

In my dolor, I had started to frequent a park that my lover and I had went to on a date, where he had carved our initials into a picnic table. On the last day of September, I found my little wolf there (or maybe she found me). A park ranger had been keeping her around with scraps of food since five in the morning. She had nothing to identify her or where she came from, except for a bow around her neck. It was Sunday morning and all the animal services and shelters were closed. No one at the park was willing to take her and keep her overnight until the places were opened, so I volunteered as tribute.

The first day. September 30, 2018.

Originally, after meeting her, I decided to take another loop around the park. I was still living with my mom and step dad, and I knew that they would be pissed if I brought a baby wolf home. Our household was pretty full of people and pets already. Suddenly, many of the vehicles that had been parked around her started to leave. My heart dropped out of my body, and I felt one of the worst fears I have ever experienced in my entire life. Did one of them take her? I ran back to the spot the park ranger was keeping her and thankfully, there she was, looking at me.

I felt relieved and grateful, but I also knew that I couldn't risk someone else taking her again. I told the park ranger that I would do it, and we loaded her up into my blue Ford Ranger.

I miss you, little truckie.

Back home, there were arguments. I couldn't keep my wolf familiar and stay where I was. That first night together, I called her every name that I could think of; but I called her Nadiya first of all. It had a pretty ring to it at the end that my little wolf seemed to like. The next day I took her to Animal Services and found out that she wasn't chipped. They told me that she was approximately 6-7 months old. Then, they took her from me to list her on their website as missing. Since she wasn't chipped, I had to wait three days to see if anyone would come forward. If she was left unclaimed, I would have first choice for adoption.

As I was leaving Animal Services, I looked up the meaning of the name Nadiya, which I had picked because she was naughty, and Google told me that it means "hope" in French, and "bitch" in Russian. I noted how perfect that was for my female dog, and the situation at hand.

The Wolf.

It took finding my little wolf on the street, a miracle offered straight from God himself, to make me realize that I needed to live my life for myself. I needed that push from God to tell me it was time for me to grow up and become independent. I had put my whole heart into making love on the first day of September, and on the last of September I received my creation.

Love is never in vain.

Deep Trust.

Two weeks later, I was moving into my first rental.

Two months later, I was quitting my 9-5 so I could train Nadiya full time.

We left Florida and went to Lake Tahoe in California so that she could experience snow. Every part of her personality compliments every part of my personality. She is the deepest soulmate I have ever had, besides maybe my father, who died when I was an adolescent. My mom told me one time that she thinks a part of his soul reincarnated to send me Nadiya.

Friends in Lake Tahoe.

My little wolf is an adventure dog. We go to the forest, swim in the ocean, go on road trips, and canoe down rivers together. After losing the first 15 myself during the year before I found her, I lost another 25 pounds after she became mine. She's also a social butterfly, and has helped my social anxiety immensely because everybody loves her. Her compliments range from being a good dog to a mythological creature sent from higher consciousness alien civilizations, according to a guy we met in Colorado.

Nadiya's first time on a single engine airplane.

Whatever Nadiya's inner truth is, she is the biggest blessing of my life thus far. She is my familiar, which is different than a pet. She is my equal. We create magic and transformation together.

A couple weeks ago, my mom found a kitten that had been hiding in the engines of the cars in her driveway. Her friend had a premonition that my Dad sent the kitten from heaven for her. She thought this was nonsense. Yet, at the exact moment that she contacted me to tell me about this new kitten, I was playing an interactive game. I was feeling very emotional because my character was in the spirit realm talking to her father who had passed away.

I believe that you can only find your true soulmate animal familiar, or rather, that they will find you. This is God's work. (Or your ancestors, spirit team, or the universe, whichever you prefer.) If you know in your heart that you have a spirit animal out there, waiting to connect with you, all you need to do is set your intention and they will come to you in perfect divine timing like Merle came to Ted Kerasote, and like my Nadiya came to me.

Northern Florida Springs.

If you are looking to activate the magic in your own mind, check out another of my manifestation success stories. If I can do it, so can you.

If your inner child needs a little help to start believing in magic again, be part of my magical creation by contributing your answers to my artistic research on healing the inner child.


About the author

Kalyn Lady

Kalyn Lady is the founder of the first sustainable social media platform, Renaissance. She loves her dog Nadiya, immersive art, performance art, visual art, writing, dancing, singing, modeling, and leading innovative projects.

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