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By Lydia YungerPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

Hindenburg is one of the best cats. She’s fiesty, loving, caring, and absolutely adorable. In a typical day she likes to sleep on her owners bed, the living room couch, the office chair, the fuzzy rug in the office, inside her cat tower, and on the window sill. She also likes to run into the kitchen screaming when anyone enters the kitchen, because that’s where the treats are. Her favorite toys are a blue and silver poof, an old shoelace, and a mouse made of hardened catnip. But if there’s one thing she loves most, it’s boxes. She hates the sound of plastic bags and the sounds of anyone sneezing. She seems like a normal indoor house cat, until she’s alone.

When my humans are home I like to sleep on their laps or somewhere with a clear view of them. You never know when someone might make a trip to the kitchen. And if I sleep on them, the cuter I look the less likely they are to go anywhere. My favorite of the humans is the small one. She moves around less and gives me soft pets. The big one is okay, but he’s loud and is constantly moving. The small one also brings me lots of toys and awesome containers for sitting and bathing in, so she’s the better one in my mind. She likes to take lots of pictures of me, especially when I’m trying to sleep. God, is that annoying. I get it, I’m cute, especially when I’m sleepy, but I need this sleep so I don’t ruin my constantly sleeping cycle.

The tower that my small human gave me

One morning I finally got my revenge, this time I woke the humans up. But I couldn’t help it, there was an intruder on our property and he was just sitting there acting like I didn’t exist. I’d never seen him before, so maybe he was just visiting the area or he escaped from his house. There was once another cat living with us, but he got sick and they took him away from me. I loved the cuddles and finally someone could clean those spots I can’t reach. But now that it’s just me and my humans, I get all of the attention and all of the toys. My favorite game to play with the humans is when I run through the house and they get to watch me and throw toys for me. A game I also liked to play without the humans is chasing the little red dot around the house. It’s really fast and one of these days I will catch it and show it no mercy.

Me when I catch the red dot

My humans are weird because they like to go into the room with the big bed for hours and just sleep. I like to split up my sleep throughout the day, that way I don’t have to sleep for so long. I don’t want to miss my humans when they’re home. What if I went to sleep for hours and they left right when I got up. Where do they even go anyways. The only place they have ever taken me was a bad place. They let strangers touch me and poke me and it’s just rude. I don’t let other cats do that to my humans.

Sometimes when I’m home alone I like to scratch the carpets and the couch, I like to think it’s art, but my humans don’t appreciate art like I do. I miss them when they are gone, so I find small blankets in their sleep room to lay on because they smell like my humans. I’ve seen them wear these small blankets like it’s fur, but they still look sort of ugly. Don’t tell them I said that, they’re the ones that can reach the treats.

Overall, I like my humans. They feed me, give me attention, cuddle with me, and they’re good for company. I would like for that other cat to come back, he would make a good companion as well, as long as he knows he’s in my territory and respects my humans and doesn’t touch my things. My house is a good place to be. The only thing I would change is the location of the treats and the closed container that they are in.


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Lydia Yunger

I was an art student, now I write things for the internet.

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