Beasts of the Wild
Beasts of the Wild

C.A.R.E. and BigCatDerek

by Taia Jean 2 years ago in wild animals

Review, Summary, and More About C.A.R.E.

C.A.R.E. and BigCatDerek

I have grown up loving animals and had many pets. Now in college, I can’t have pets and I find myself watching YouTube very often. I have discovered I watch a lot of videos by a guy named Derek Krahn. BigCatDerek, for fans, and his wife, Heidi Berry-Krahn. They run the C.A.R.E. sanctuary housing many animals, and in my opinion, is a great facility with tours on Saturdays and Sundays. C.A.R.E., standing for the Center for Animal Research and Education, they save and protect these animals. They recently got two new cougars who are currently adjusting to their new environment. The entire facility runs with help from donations given by the fans. The food fed to the cats is bought or donated, by farmers as well. Aside from various big cats, which will be gladly talked about soon, they also have lemurs, two llamas, and more. They also live close by with their household pets of two dogs and two cats. All sweethearts, the big cats are numerous so lets begin.


They have many tigers and have taken great care of them. Some of my favorites are Boomer and Slade, the TeeGees, who are brothers brought in as cubs. The new babies are gal-pals Mika (Meek-uh) and Zara (Z-are-uh) who are a few months apart in age but are getting along in the same enclosure.

Amongst the orange tigers they also have some white ones too. Bonnie, unfortunately alone since September 14, 2016 when her mate passed, but very chatty and happy trying to pee on volunteers for fun. There is also the mooing sensation, Solano, and the old man cat, Kannapalli. All are beautiful and well taken care of.


The lions, who are few in the sanctuary compared to the tigers, are getting along with their friendly neighbors. Noel, the Christmas born princess, is very sweet and Layla in another enclosure seems very independent. Near the TeeGees lives the BeeBees. Also brought in as cubs, lions Araali and Zuberiare brothers who love listening to stories told by mama Heidi Berry.


To start, here is a fun fact—panthers aren’t actually a thing. The animal that is commonly thought to be panthers are really leopards whose spots are hidden by the dark colored coat.

Raven, the sweetest leopard there, has big beautiful eyes and loves blankets. Ace, while old, is very majestic and sometimes grumpy. Finally, Milo is a handsome cat who just seems to like to sit in the sun and get filmed.


So as I said before the rescue just got two new cougars, named Apollo and Lakai, who are adjusting, but the other cougar who is the squeak queen is Cassie. Cassie aka Cass aka Sass loves being in conversations. On the BigCatDerek Facebook, there is an occasional "weekly squeak" where fans guess in the comments how many squeaks they think she will unleash when spoken to for a few minutes. While it is just for fun and bragging rights, fans can’t get enough of her mews. So much so that fans went to their pets and took videos of them squeaking, meowing, and more.

The fans like in music have a “team” name. Similar to Taylor Swift fans being called Swifties or 5 Seconds of Summer fans being called 5SOSers, for C.A.R.E. we are called the Pride Family.

For more info you can watch Derek’s videos on YouTube by searching for WATC, walk around the compound, or searching BigCatDerek. The sanctuary website found here. There you can see all the cats, in memory of, buy merch, and so much more. I encourage everyone who loves animals to see what they do and how they help.

~~To any pride fan reading: Love you friend, and to C.A.R.E.: Keep up the great work and may you have the happiest of lives and cats.~~

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Taia Jean
Taia Jean
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