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Basic Things About Australian Saddles!

by John Miller about a year ago in horse
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Australian Saddles have become more popular over the years due to its great comfort and quality.

Are you looking for the best Australian Saddles? Well, this article will certainly help you in that pursuit. Australian Saddles have become more popular over the years due to its great comfort and quality. There are many types of Australian Saddles available in the market. But the saddles presented in this article are among the best.

Australian Saddles usually have a single or a double hung saddle. Single hung saddle: This kind of saddle has a single curved or straight strap attached on either the left or right side of the saddle. The single strap allows the horse to hang freely on the saddle and gives the rider maximum comfort. Single hung saddles are best suited for beginners and experienced riders, though; so always go for a good quality horse riding saddle when buying an Australian Saddle.

Double hung Australian saddles: This kind of saddle has two curved straps which run alongside each other and connect to each other with the help of a connecting chain. These chains allow the saddle to move in any direction possible and hence are used in conjunction with the leading and trailing horses. These Australian saddles have been around for a long time now, but the leading horses still favor them. Australian saddles that run on this type of system are also called a "stock seat".

High-end saddles: These saddles usually have their own systems made especially for them. In most cases, these kinds of saddles are made from leather, but there are also some that are made from suede. This leather is very thick and strong; hence the reason why it is used in making high-end racing saddles as well as being used for making everyday practical saddles for people who ride on regular outdoor activities. These kinds of Australian saddles may require regular maintenance; hence it is highly recommended that they are taken care of by a professional every 6 months.

Western saddle: Western saddles are very popular among riders. Western saddle backlines are made in such a way that the rider can sit cross legged with both feet on the ground. Most of these Australian saddles do not have anything attached to the front; hence, these are also known as Australian stock saddles or trail saddles. To make a good run, the rider should make sure that the saddle he is using is fitted with a good and strong head and tail.

Western saddles are made from different kinds of material. The first of which is the soft leather. This leather gets bonded onto the top layer of the hide making it hard enough to withstand the pressure of the animal pulling on the saddle. This kind of Australian saddle is often fastened by a serge panel, which is attached by sewing or riveting the edge. The serge panel will make the saddle more stable and is also responsible for giving the horse a better and stable ride.

Half breed saddle: The second most popular saddle in Australia is the half breed saddle, which is most commonly used for hunting purposes as well as recreational riding. The name half breed comes from the fact that the animal used for breeding (the sissie) does not have any real mother but is instead kept in captivity as a kind of surrogate. The other names by which this saddle is called include spade, pillion or plain flap.

High knee blocks: This type of saddle is made of suede and will come with either flat leather or plain suede. Most high knee blocks are rectangular in shape but there are others that are available in circular shape. This saddle style will allow the rider to sit higher as compared to the standard saddle and the horse will therefore be able to stand on its own feet. This is an important factor for the rider because if he/she mounts the horse with its feet and legs too high, it could result in injury or even death.


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