Any Dog Can Be a Service Dog

by Taylor Holland 3 years ago in therapy

My Struggle with a Chihuahua Service Dog

Any Dog Can Be a Service Dog

I have a lot of mental health issues. PTSD, OCD, GAD, and a few others. I registered my little chihuahua as a service dog because I had used her to help with my issues since she was a pup and for the most part snuck her in places because its hard to find someone who registers in my area. Everyone registers for your dog to help others but not if you want them to help yourself.

Anyways that's not the point. The point is she got registered finally. Boy do we get a lot of issues. When people think of a service dog they think of large breeds like shepherds or labs. In fact, almost any animal can be a service animal. People comment that she's too small to be helpful. No matter my condition her job would be to alert someone I need help. Or warn me that something is about to happen. In fact I have 2 service chihuahuas. Jack is registered for autism spectrum disorders and he's helped a lot of people. In certain situations they ride in a dog stroller for their own safety which is labelled with a service dog tag.

My dogs are ten and sox years old but they do one hell of a job helping people. Most of their job is just to be a comfort to people who are having panic attacks. Jack can sense anxiety before we can and will start to lick your hand or arm and get you to pet him. People see chihuahua and think yappy and nippy. Juliet might nip when she's had enough but not hard enough to hurt. They will just whine when they want to help. I have taken them to movies, stores, bridal shops, grocery stores, basically anywhere I have been in my life so have they. They love to come to therapy with me. They distract people from focusing on me. They don't care I have special needs, they are to busy gushing over the cute puppies! I get comments from some rude people when they see their harnesses that they must be fake because they are patterned.

Service harnesses come in all types of patterns and colors and as long as it says service dog there you go. Even though legally they don't need one. It's just so people leave you alone. I have their registration cards and I don't mind if people ask to see them if they are not wearing their harnesses. Security has every right in my opinion to ask for both. They only really care about the cards. I secretly love when people make a huge deal about my dogs and I just whip out the cards like "Suck it you cranky fart!"

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