Against Animal Cruelty

by Emily Aurelien 15 days ago in humanity

I have always been an animal lover for as long as I could remember. I always thought as a kid that animals were much nicer than humans.

Against Animal Cruelty
I have always loved Golden Retrievers, and cats.

From day one, I thought animals are much nicer than humans. I would see a dog in a kennel and wanna bring him or her home, the same with a cat.

But the first time I saw someone that I thought I could trust mistreat an animal was my step-dad. He smothered his pet in pee when it had an accident. I had seen him kick slap, or use sticks on the poor animal. I was only six years old when I saw this. It was despicable to see this. As the rebel child I was I called him out it. Tell him to leave the animal alone.

As I got older, I saw more abuse from pet owners and it sickened me. I hated the feeling of these poor creatures being treated this way.

I will give you an example, my beliefs. I believe that when you mistreat something for long enough it will turn you whether it be an animal or a person. If an abuser treats his animal by beating them for like 5 years longer then they should have the same amount of years in prison being treated the same way as they treated that innocent animal by the prisoners.

There was a horse farm I called it as a kid. I saw two horses emaciated, a police officer owned them. It was so hard seeing those two magnificent horses suffered. Now one ever did anything about. I wanted so much to say something but I didn't. I learned that day something, those in power can do and get away with anything they wish.

My thoughts about animal cruelty when it comes to humans you need to pick on someone your, own size. Because at least someone your size can defend themselves!

I wanna promote the an organization that I used to donate to as a kid. The organization rescues as many animals as possible to give them a forever home. I love this organization because their mission statement is so powerful to me. If you are against animal cruelty donate to the ASPCA and speak up against abusers. Make known to them that animals shouldn't be treated that way.

I would also love to promote the Cleveland Animal Protective League, they aren't funded by the government or national animal welfare organization. They are funded by fundraisers, donations, and corporate support. The Cleveland APL is one of my favorite places because they concentrate on being forever homes for pets, and they do background checks on potential owners.

I think that all places should do background checks on potential owners. And if that owner has a record, they should be tossed back into prison for an additional 2 years for attempting to adopt an animal.

In my eyes, animal abuse is worse than any kind. Humans can defend themselves by screaming, shouting, and fighting back.

I look at my dog Ricky, is he a Yorkshire Terrier. Everyone knows any kind of Terrier as a Tall dog syndrome. Meaning he is a small dog thinking he is a Great Dane. He is very protective of me, and he is my hero. I love my dog, even though he can be very stubborn. I wouldn't dream of changing him. His very treats are Pupperoni and anything with bacon. He loves ground turkey too.

When I am too far away while he takes a nap in bed he kicks for me or sleeps against my hip. He gets so uneasy, and anxious. That tells me right that my dog is protective. When you are an animal parent your pets become just as attached as you are to them

Emily Aurelien
Emily Aurelien
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