6 Signs to Expect after Your Dog’s Return from Boarding

If you haven’t boarded your dog for a good time now, then you might encounter a change in behavior after your pooch’s first session.

6 Signs to Expect after Your Dog’s Return from Boarding

If you haven’t boarded your dog for a good time now, then you might encounter a change in behavior after your pooch’s first session. The dogs are bound to get anxious pre-boarding preparation and at boarding and might suffer anxiety issues. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about. In the general case, you can notice these signs post the return of your pooch from boarding.

1) Is your pet feeling thirstier?

Many dog owners report that the dogs drink more water in the first few weeks of boarding. This again can be because your pooch might be feeling comfortable drinking water at home. The taste of water too can be the reason behind it. The dogs have this great sense of getting acquainted with the things, and anything different from routine makes them anxious.

2) Hungrier than Usual

It is one of the most common things that the dog owners encounter after the return of their beloved family members. If it appears to you that your pooch is having more diet than usual, then don’t panic. Dogs spend a lot of time exercising and playing with their fellow mates at the boarding and this might be the reason why they feel hungrier than usual. The pooches are less comfortable eating in pet boarding facilities as the surrounding is unfamiliar to them. If your dog’s appetite doesn’t seem to improve, then you can talk to a veterinarian.

3) Increased Sleeping Hours

Excessive sleeping hours represent that you have chosen the best pet boarding facility for your pooch. Any reputable dog boarding spends a good time with your pooch, exercising, and playing, so your pooch becomes stimulated physically. If it seems unusually lethargic after a great time of the dog boarding session, then you can consult the vet and get the apt treatment.

4) Seems Abnormally clingy

The dogs are compassionate beings and hate separation from the ones they love the most. As a result, many pets suffer anxiety when they are temporarily out of contact with their owners. The clingy behavior is the signal of their love and compassion and how much they missed you during the session. Calm them up by being affectionate to them after their return from the boarding and re-establish a relationship for them to feel secured and loved.

5) Diarrhea issues

Have you ever faced a situation of panic and diarrhea? The same thing happens with the dogs. If your dog is encountering diarrhea after the return from the pet boarding, consult the vet. It can be due to anxiety or the flood of emotional feelings. The boarding facilities conduct admission based on the proper vaccination criteria. In such a case, the probability of infection is next to nil. If your pooch is facing diarrhea issues for more than two days, then consult the vet immediately.

6) Temperament

Temperament testing is the primary prerogative of the pet boarding facility. It helps in ensuring the success and the security of the pet day boarding business. Thus, the dogs undergo evaluation before the admission of their appropriateness to a group. The body language test informs about whether his stay at the pet boarding was enjoyable or a forceful one. In short, the temperament test is a test that is conducted by the pet boarding facility to evaluate a dog’s physical and mental characteristics. The test involves looking for aggressive behavior, separation anxiety, toy aggression, leash aggression, and other aggression that might affect the peace of other dogs at pet boarding. If the dog is facing temperament issues after his return from the pet boarding, then consult a vet.

These are the primary issues that you can watch out for after your pooch’s return from the Pet Boarding El Paso Texas.

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