You Are Just Like the Sunrise

How You and the Sunrise Are More Similar Than You Think

You Are Just Like the Sunrise

Once I had a friend tell me she had never woken up early solely to watch the sunrise. In all honesty, I was taken back by that. Waking up early with a warm cup of coffee, my cat nuzzled beside me, while breathing in the crisp morning air is one of my favorite little things about life. The sunrise just really is the cherry on top. from my backyard, there is a perfect time where the sunrise lets it glorious golden light beam through the tree leaves. That small gap of time is so magnificent. When I get to take in the sunrise, it always engages me in its beauty. Sunrises have always had a little place in my heart, and they always will. They symbolize birth and rebirth. Sunrises are filled will the joy of a new day we where blessed with.

I find people in a strange but beautiful way to be a lot like sunrises. Each day you wake up (early or not), just like the sun, and you have the chance to start over. I think that’s just the coolest thing ever. We get to get up and be whoever we want to be that day. The morning is just the beginning of the adventure the day has in store for you. I’m not sure about everyone but I know that most mornings I wake up excited. I'm excited to meet new people. I’m excited to see as much beauty as I possibly can. I’m just excited to breathe at least one more breath of that crisp morning air. We wake up knowing about the dazzling and mysterious day we have ahead, and I like to think the sun does the same thing each morning also. The sun probably rises and is so extremely thrilled about all the things it gets to watch from up above that day. Just the act of waking up and allowing yourself to try and enjoy a new day is extremely similar to how the sun rises and brightens that new day.

I have tried morning after morning to describe the beauty that I see in the glowing sunrise, but I never can quite put my finger on what it is. It always just draws me in and my eyes lock with each ray of AM sun as a rush of that beauty runs through my body. I feel warm, happy, and so blessed to get to experience such a pretty sight. Yet there is not one single word or even a cluster of words for that matter that can truly narrate the suns beauty. You, yes YOU whoever is reading this, are just like the sunrise in that way. You are so indescribably beautiful no matter your size, color, beliefs, or past. Right now, if you're in pajamas, makeup, a big tee shirt, or a wedding dress, however you stand at this moment is gorgeous. Everyone on earth has an individual beauty to them that can not be described. As the sun never fails to rise to be just as beautiful as the last morning, you wake up every morning just as adequately special, and gorgeous. The sun has that crazy thing to it that makes it perfect, and no matter who you are, you also have that crazy thing.

You are indescribably perfect.

On the days I get to watch the sunrise I fall in love all over again. Many people all around the world also probably feel the same way about sunrises as I do. Us sun beam lovers all have something in common. Each morning, no matter where we are, or what that sun looks like that day, we still have an ever growing love for that big ball of yellow sunshine. It’s a love that I have for the sunrise that I can only describe as a unique and never ending love. No matter what day it is someone has love for the sunrise. You may not know it, but someone loves you the way I and many others love sunrises, and I can promise you that. No matter where you are or what you might look or feel like that day someone is out there loving you. This world is filled with so much hate, but I have seen that same worlds love, and there is a lot more of that love than hate. When you are feeling down, try and remember how closely you resemble sunrise. Remember what I said about someone always loving its glowing light. Remember that you are that sunrise and someone loves you more than they can begin to describe. I mean even the sun loves you or It wouldn’t wake you up each day so it can watch you embark on another adventure. You are loved.

It’s definitely on my To-Do-List to get that friend that told me she has never watched a sunrise, and show her one. I’ll make sure to warm her up a good cup of coffee, the ones I like to drink, and get my cat to sit with us so she can get the full experience. The light will be perfectly align with the trees and she will finally get to feel the mornings warmth.

If you have never woken up to watch a sunrise I highly recommend you to do so. Watching the sunrise will give you a glimpse of what you are like. Just like that sunrise you will watch you have a new day ahead of you, you are beautiful in your own little way, and you are loved.

Kayleigh Barbosa
Kayleigh Barbosa
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