Yes, I Don't Wear Small Sized Clothes Anymore

by Jan Magallon 8 months ago in self help

My body does not define who I am as a person. Take it or leave it.

Yes, I Don't Wear Small Sized Clothes Anymore

Yes, my body is not what it used to be—and that's okay.

What can I say? Life happened. I stopped listening to people who constantly tell me what to eat, drink, and what their own idea of diet and exercise is. I got tired of people asking me to be their gym buddy or their jogging partner early in the morning. I had enough of the skinny image of a girl, the 'type' of body that i should have.



Do not believe on anyone who says that only skinny girls have better chances on getting the guys. Anyone who does not like you because on how you look wearing your Large outfit is not worth it anyway, leave them alone with their own narcissistic views on what the "perfect girl" should look like. The right one will not care, the right one will see you for who you are on the inside regardless of your weight.

And you know what? I am my own woman that is allowed to eat and drink whatever she wants in moderation. Yes, there are times that I want to go all out on fast food, there are certain days of the month that I allow myself to indulge in all sweet and fatty foods I can find, and why? because that's what my body is telling me it needs. I don't need to hear all the negativity about my choices. I know what I am doing, I know when to stop.

The body changes overtime and when you're already starting on your 20s, it gets harder and harder from then on because of your body's metabolism slowing down, not to mention the stress that life brings right around this age. We have our own problems to think about, bills to pay, stress on our 9 to 5 job, personal life and everything else that comes with growing up.

I have no problem with people keeping a healthy lifestyle and maintaining their own body, that's their own life choices and this is mine. Sure, I might change my mind in the future and start on getting back on track with all the diet options that I could think of, but one day when I choose to do that, that's because I choose it, not because people scream body shame towards me. I refuse to let someone's nasty comment about my body define who I am as a person.

I appreciate everyone who constantly remind me about how I looked good before with my tiny waist along with everything else, yes I did and I still do. I still deserve the same remarks, my belly and round face is still me. I admit, I even think about it sometimes, the old days where I used to wear Extra Small outfits, but even then, people have something to say about my appearance. No matter what you do in this world, society will still have something to say about it and it sucks but gaining a few pounds does not make me ugly or different from anyone else.

People have to accept the fact that i am happy with my body, i am happy that i am comfortable in my own skin no matter what. I still go on normal routines, go out on dates just like everyone else, I am confident that the body is not an issue for you to have a shot at a normal life and love, it never is, never will be.

So yes,

At the end of the day, this is still me and YES, my body is not what it used to be and that's okay.

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Jan Magallon
Jan Magallon
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