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Work on Yourself

by Jennifer Gonzalez 8 months ago in goals


Work on Yourself
To the ones who need a little positivity

Many times, we are caught up with different sorts of circumstances. We tend to express our emotions and feelings in different ways such as: talking to a friend, listening to music, writing, posting your thoughts on social media etc. Life isn’t easy at all but we have to endure life to know what we are up for. My advice to you is to simply “Work on Yourself.” And what I mean by that is to simply invest in yourself, love yourself, work hard for what you want, be ambitious, take yourself out, be optimistic, and to stay genuine within yourself.

Society may bring us down as well as life in general but the best thing you could ever do is get right back up and be the best version of yourself. If you’re tired of feeling hopeless get back up and take yourself out for some coffee. Learn to appreciate yourself for you. Don’t be so hard on yourself, because it won’t be an easy process but it is possible. You don’t gain or benefit anything if your mad at yourself. Love Yourself and build your own empire. Remember we are all just human and no one is perfect in the end. Because in the end, we’re all trying to make it.

Many people are constantly comparing themselves to someone who is more successful than them, someone who is great, someone who seems to have their life figured out. It’s okay I admit ,I’m guilty of it myself, I found myself comparing myself to others. It really wasn’t healthy for me so I learned the dark truth about people. As I was on Pinterest, I saw this post that said” Don’t let the internet rush you no one is posting their failures.” That quote really opened my eyes to see the bigger picture. It really helped me change my perception of my way of thinking. And by that, I mean you’re not obligated to feel successful right away. The key to be successful right away is to stay patient and focus on the goal you’re going for. Don’t rush into anything take your time. Sometimes you really need work hard in silence and make your results become the noise. Everyone struggles nothing comes easy. Everyone faces failures but they don’t usually post them on social media because they want to post the good things that they’re benefiting from.

Many people tend to think they have it all figured out but in the end they don’t. People who have the nice materialistic things, are lowkey unhappy inside. I would actually see a couple look very content about their house from the outside but in the inside they’re suffering from major debt which can be a big issue. As the old saying goes “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” I am simply telling you that people may think that they have it all but in the end they don’t. As a matter of fact, those are all materialistic things. Materialistic things are temporary. Don’t get yourself so caught up with the latest shoes or car just because people have it. You’re not them you are you. Don’t get yourself so caught up. Instead, focus on saving money and investing in yourself. Start scratching liabilities and creating assets. This will help you financially and mentally.

In conclusion, the biggest achievement you can do is to work on yourself find ways to help you become the person you’re destined to be. You are capable of many things in life. Focus on your goal, get your priorities straight, and boss up. Stop procrastinating and making excuses. You can do many things in life if you set your mind to it. And you will succeed at many things although, you will fail many times in life. But like I’ve said, it’s life and life isn’t perfect and neither are we. But instead of stressing about relationships, problems, drama, and things we cannot change or control we have to realize we have the ability to fix the things that we can such as within ourselves.

Jennifer Gonzalez
Jennifer Gonzalez
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Jennifer Gonzalez

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