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They make you, but what do you make of them?

Messages within the Message.

There's a special language within you. Honestly, how would you know if nobody told you, right? I use to be afraid to do something amazing at one point in my life. So it kept me from bringing out more potential, a lot earlier. Now, were just getting started! See, I found my language, so I'm here to write to you today. Through experience, don't ever neglect to love yourself on the inside. Don't forget about you. The sooner you start to realize that, is the earlier your progress can step forward and start speaking for you. The language you speak within, is the compass that can hinder you, or direct you, healthily. Of course there are mistakes that are made a long the way, but when you find your language. Oh man, what does it take to speak a language? A Voice! You knock out two birds with one stone. Finding your voice, saying no to the chit chatter around you (inside yourself), and saying YES to the greater things that are meant for you.

Words have this thing to them, and if you attach your faith and your love with passion. How would your life change right now? How much of an impact could you make in your community? The nation? The Globe? Sure, fear has a voice too. Hey, a little reverse psychology never hurt anyone. If you let yourself believe that voice of fear is actually you, it will what? This means, if it's only you, then you have a loud voice that just needs a little guidance. Tell it to give up. Believe that it has given up, and when it tries to speak again, think of Triumph. It's those of you that push forward in the middle of "voices" trying to hold you back, from your true Greatness. It's you that aren't afraid to step up within yourself and stand up to that thing and say, you know what, TODAY IS THE DAY I STEP INTO VICTORY. Today is the day I stop trying to compete with the old me and start setting standards for the old me.

The words..... the..... Language is one of the gifts that will lift you up, or hold you down. Let's ask this, what language do you speak?

Do you speak victory?






I'm speaking to the real YOU.

The person inside that vessel that's reading this.

The person that might think their lost in a world that keeps rejecting them.

Let me tell you something,

The only way you can be rejected, is if you believe what they say about you.

That's why, if you believe the voices that oppose how great you truly are, you believe the lies.

Take that rejection and turn it into Wisdom. You'll NEVER go wrong with wisdom.

It's all, part, of, the purpose.

Two chapters in my book are titled "The greater the rejection" "The greater the purpose".

I lived it, I made peace with it and you can too.

Your words, your words, your language.

What do you speak?

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Ricardo Reyna
Ricardo Reyna
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