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Why You Should Work for Yourself

by Syed Balkhi 2 days ago in happiness

Working for yourself can lead to better health and life satisfaction. Find out how.

Why You Should Work for Yourself
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Everyone’s entertained the dream of working for themselves.

The idea of being one’s own boss and having control over one’s life is valid and powerful. However, most of us eventually ‘settle down’ and choose jobs that are more comfortable. And that’s okay.

But if you’re having the itch to work for yourself, then you should listen to that feeling. There are so many different reasons to work for yourself, and while some have to do with the kind of work you do or how much money you make, there are also personal reasons.

In this post, I want to share why you should consider working for yourself in earnest. The benefits of starting your own business or even going the freelance way can help you grow in many ways.

Greater control leads to increased health

Intuitively, we all believe that when you’re put in a position of more responsibility, you’re more likely to get stressed. You’re also more likely to experience health issues like heart disease.

However, there’s a prominent study called Whitehall Study where it was found that having more responsibilities did not necessarily lead to heart issues and other problems. It was the lack of control over one’s life that led to poorer health.

In this study, civil servants who had the least flexibility experienced the most illness and even early deaths.

It seems that when you’re always told what to do, how to do it, and when to do it to the last degree, you’ll feel more stressed out in general. And this can lead to poorer health outcomes.

While running your own business can also be stressful, the feeling that you’re in control still empowers you. So, this is one reason to consider working for yourself.

And if you’re a leader at a workplace, consider offering remote work and online tools to foster better health in your business.

It’s easier than it’s ever been before

Thanks to modern technology like the internet, smartphones and the vast majority of the world being savvy with these tools, it’s easier than ever before to work for yourself.

All you need is an internet connection and a desktop computer and there are virtually limitless jobs you can do on your own. Here are a few examples:

  • Teach online courses
  • Create a helpful blog like a food blog, tech review blog, travel blog, and more
  • Coach and tutor other people
  • Do copywriting
  • Create a YouTube channel
  • Share and sell your artwork
  • Write and sell eBooks, guides, checklists, and more
  • Do graphic design
  • Code
  • These are just some ways you can start working online. While starting out and getting yourself set up will be hard, there’s a lot of potential for you to build a positive reputation and find clients.

    However, you will find that working for yourself won’t necessarily be easier than working at a job.

    It’s a choice you have to make after considering whether the flexibility and control you have are worthwhile to you.

    You have the potential to scale up

    Working in a company gives you structure. And there are often opportunities to go up the ladder, make more money, and get a better title. However, the competition you face will be stiff. And very often, the path to higher management is tightly set. So that, even if you’re capable of doing more at present, you may have to wait years before you’re given more responsibility.

    However, if you start your own business or work as a freelancer, you have the possibility to return to a more stable job if you like. You can also scale your business by finding more customers and hiring other people to work.

    The potential to grow exponentially is another important factor to consider when thinking about working for yourself.

    Make a difference

    We shouldn’t have to wait for governments and major corporations to start solving the world’s problems.

    Very often, such large organizations lack the agility to tackle new and important issues that we face as a society. Their very power and substantial resources also make them slow to change.

    Working for yourself gives you the opportunity to step up and take action. Small businesses are what make a great difference to individuals and local communities.

    Whether it’s making and selling healthy food or creating environment-friendly products, an individual or small-sized business can create a tremendous impact on the world.

    Look at areas in life where you see that change is needed but isn’t happening. By working for yourself as a business owner or freelancer or contractor, you can improve life around you while sustaining yourself.

    Make use of your unique talents

    It’s important to share the talent you have with the rest of the world. And it’s possible to make a living by doing what you’re good at.

    You’ll have to build marketing skills and business skills to do so but leveraging your talent to earn an income will be worth the effort.

    There’s an audience out there that’s looking for unique work and interesting ideas. When you share what you’re good at, you end up helping someone else in ways you can’t imagine.

    Not to mention, it can be deeply fulfilling to spend your working hours on things that you have an affinity to.

    How to start working for yourself

    While working for yourself is easier than ever before, it simply isn’t enough to have talent and knowledge in your particular area of strength.

    You also need to do things like start a website, blog, and market your services and products effectively. Here are a few things you should learn if you want to successfully sell your offerings:

  • How to write great copy including sales pages, product descriptions, and more
  • SEO or search engine optimization
  • How to build a website
  • Social media marketing
  • Building and engaging a community online
  • In fact, your ability to market yourself is as important as your core talent. But, not to worry. The key is to put out great content and to create the best experience possible for your customers. And things will fall into place.

    Another important way to work for yourself is to join the right platform where much of the work has been done for you. Places like Upwork, Udemy, and others already have teaching and communication platforms.

    You just have to sign up, create your profile, and start delivering. And soon enough, you’ll get customers doing what you’re good at.


    Are you keen to start working for yourself? I hope so. Consider building your business on the side first before you take off solo.

    These tips and ideas can help you think more deeply about whether you should start your own business or become a freelancer. Start by taking a single step today and you may just have a different life in a year.


    Syed Balkhi

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    Syed Balkhi
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