Why You Should Live How You Want

by Trevor Feely about a year ago in happiness

Even if you "can't" afford it

Why You Should Live How You Want

Life comes and goes so fast, and as far as we know, we have only one life on this planet as the person that we are.

Today, I had two similar conversations.

Conversation A: Talking with my mother, she mentioned to me that she had purchased a 2019 Mustang GT California special. I have no idea why my mother bought a Mustang, however, I was excited for her! I thought it was great that she wanted a "sporty" type car and went for it! She wanted the mustang, she understands she may not be able to do it later in life, so she made it happen.

Conversation B: Talking with my friend, he mentioned to me that his uncle offered to sell him a boat he no longer wants. He would need a new truck in order to tow the boat. We had actually had a similar conversation a month prior about him taking the risk and buying a new truck. My friend, however, was afraid to purchase a new vehicle for financial reasons. I gave my honest opinion that if he decided to buy the truck, he would figure out the way to pay for it.

Why do some people live the way that they want to, while others live in some mental prison of limitation? What is the driving factor that determines one's lifestyle?

I believe that we have the ability to control and create the life that we desire. I am firm in my belief that if we make a committed decision and show signs to the universe that we are serious—and we do not contradict our belief in our ability to achieve or acquire such desire—then without a doubt, it is only a matter of time before this desire is manifested.

The reason my mother bought the Mustang is because of her beliefs and convictions. The reason my friend did not buy the truck is similarly because of his beliefs and his convictions. It is our personal responsibility to question and to re-evaluate our beliefs. The only limits that we have are self-imposed. It is our responsibility to dissect our perceptions and to shape our views.

If you truly want to do something in life, make a conscious, committed decision to do it. The other half of the equation is to back this committed decision with faith. Place your faith in the universe/god/source whichever synonym you choose. Place faith in yourself, know that you are capable in achieving anything you want. Practice developing confidence and self-discipline.

Remember, the only limitations we have are self-imposed, and it is our responsibility to make changes.

Do you want to spend your life existing, living in fear from the cradle to the grave? When was the last time you wanted something and you just went for it?

Stop spending your life thinking you cannot do this, you can't have that.

"I would love to go to France, but it's too expensive, I can't afford it." How many thoughts do you have every day that are similar to this?

Please, for your own peace and happiness, start being aware of your decisions and limitations. Making a decision to back down from what you want, or to give up on getting something or going somewhere, that is a decision, and it's one you are likely to regret.

Let's look at it a little differently. It takes the same effort, energy and imagination to create the life you have now as it does to create the life you want. If you were to place all of the focus/time/energy that is spent explaining why you cannot do this or that and take and use all of that energy and effort focusing on the life you want to live, I am absolutely positive you could have anything you wanted.

IS this life what you wanted? Why are you settling? Why are you here! YOU ARE ALIVE-—ACT LIKE IT!

Trevor Feely
Trevor Feely
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