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Why Silence And Darkness Is Good For You

by Sarfaraz Ali 2 months ago in self help
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The best place in the world to get to know yourself.

Why Silence And Darkness Is Good For You
Photo by Ernie A. Stephens on Unsplash

In this world where we all live our lives in cyberspace and where there is always the next tweet, news, or, gossip. We are constantly getting tons of information. We all have a smartphone or a computer so all of this has changed our culture, our way of being, and living.

This is fine, it’s just the human way, we learn and create on a global scale to enhance our lives and make things easier. That is not the problem, the problem is never the thing. The problem is misusing the thing, and that most people are doing.

People are now so addicted to the next trend, the next story, the next something. We are so glued to the screen that it has become our nature. Alright, fine. But let’s try to control this force of nature. And if we do, we become more humane, more like our actual human state. The being part is who we really are.

The fastest thing we can do to get in contact with ourselves and our being is to just be in silence and darkness. Somehow I find the best times are at night when all the cars, bikes, and noise of humans in the big city life is turned off. And just be in that state.

This is the original and first state of us all and makes us go into ourselves. Like being 1on1 with yourself, this is a special place. No music, no phone, no sound, just you and yourself. This is the best safe place you can turn to. In this world it is mostly only you, so get to really know you.

In the silence and darkness, you find all the answers you were looking for, you find the hero you searched for, and that is you. Like a call to yourself to see and remember what you actually liked in this world and life. Get to feel yourself on an emotional level because that will actually lead the way, it will give you clues to your next steps in life.

Silence and darkness are two things that we often find hard to embrace. It is easy to feel lonely and bored when in silence or darkness. However, these two things are good for us in a lot of ways.

Silence and darkness can help us to relax, sleep better, and even heal our brains from stress. They can also help us deal with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

The benefits of silence are often overlooked because it is difficult to understand how much they actually help people with mental health issues. They may not seem like the best idea at first but they have been proven time and time again that they provide a lot of benefits for people who need them most - those who suffer from depression or anxiety disorders.

Silence and darkness are usually considered as negative things in life. However, they can also be a good thing. They can help us to find our inner peace and concentrate.

Silence is good for you because it helps you to focus on your thoughts and emotions, which is what we need to be able to make the right decisions in life. Darkness also helps us sleep better and gives us a sense of security.

Silence and darkness are good for you. It is proven that being in the dark can help you sleep better, relieve your stress, and even reduce your risk of heart disease.

It is not only about the benefits of darkness for our health but also about the benefits of silence. It has been found that silence can improve our cognitive performance and memory. It also helps us to make more powerful decisions when it comes to work, love, and life in general.

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Sarfaraz Ali

A Psychologist, Writer, Animal advocate and Human Rights activist. My blog is about finding the balance in life and encouraging others to be their best selves.

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