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Why Is Life So Difficult?

by Judith Isidore 3 months ago in happiness
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Facts about life you need to understand

Why Is Life So Difficult?
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“All of life is tiring… and only the one who desires to increase is impressing.”

A phrase said by some poet, who preceded us in depicting the difficulty of life through one of his poems.

When the daily burdens abound and the pressures and problems rush to you to make you feel the narrowness of life, the questions “Why is life so difficult?” will come to your mind. and “What is the cause of the constant suffering of everything?” “Does everyone experience these difficulties or not?” ... Questions I will help you in the lines of this article to find the answers.

Why do we feel that life is so difficult?

It is obvious that human feelings have reasons that push them to appear, and this is the case with feeling the difficulty of life. Here are the most important of these reasons:

No goals:

If you live your life without having any goal that you seek to achieve, emptiness and boredom will surely surround you little by little until you feel that you are shackled by heavy restrictions that you cannot get rid of easily, then the idea of ​​​​the difficulty of life will begin to grow in your head until it takes over your entire mind, announcing the beginning of suffering.

Lack of psychological self-stimulation:

As it is known, the presence of psychological support is important in your life, especially as it is useful in overcoming what is difficult for you to do, making you a person who is satisfied with himself and his actions, but this support may disappear, bearing with it its effects, if it is dependent on others and not on the self, To be alone with worries and troubles, no one will feel you like yourself.

Loss of feelings of complacency:

When you are satisfied with yourself and your actions, you will feel that everything around you is easy, even if it is not already so, but once you lose this satisfaction, negative feelings will surround you and make you full of worries and problems that give you a difficult life in all respects.

Fear of failure:

Of course, and like any normal person, you will have things to fear in this life in general, the most important of which is failure. No one wishes to see himself as a loser in any of the battles of life that a person usually fights, but it is necessary that this fear not possess you and control your life because it has many negative consequences. One of them is not accepting any loss that you may suffer, which makes your life very difficult.


If you are an excessively selfish person, I am sorry to say that you will find your life much more difficult than others. Selfishness will make you always think about yourself all the time, and that you have the right to own everything you desire, which will reflect on you with unsatisfactory results and make your life more complicated.

Denying the lack of absolute freedom:

You have to realise that there are many things in life that are out of your control and it is difficult to control their course, which affects many of your decisions and choices. You will find that everything around you is difficult and complicated, and with it you feel that life is not as easy as you previously thought.

Not taking responsibility:

The idea of ​​taking responsibility is necessary for you. You are responsible in one way or another for many feelings in your life such as happiness, success and failure as well. If you are not ready for that, you will start blaming life as the executioner and that you are the victim, and spend the rest of your life with great difficulty and hardship.

External reasons that make life difficult:

As you will notice, my dear, all the reasons in the previous paragraph are psychological reasons caused by the human soul, but we will not be able to ignore the presence of external causes that you may be exposed to, which will make you feel the difficulty of life as well. Most notably:

Bad financial condition:

It is no longer hidden from anyone the importance of money in our lives and considering it one of the basic things for a decent life, so any material hardship you face will cause you to suffer to move forward in life, so you will feel that your life is never difficult and uncomfortable.

Loss of loved ones:

One of the most things that psychological counsellors teach us is not to get attached to the people around us and entrust them completely, as we may lose them at any moment in life; Whether by their death or their distance from us, this is enough to turn life into hell and feel completely lost.

Having negative people:

Have you ever heard of people who are positive energy vampires? Yes, they are in fact, in energetics, a person who constantly complains and talks negatively is a source of negative energy that he throws on those around him, imagine being surrounded by these people all the time, how difficult your life will be then and you are full of hurt feelings.

Tips to overcome the difficulty of life:

You do not have to give in at all to the idea that life is difficult under any circumstance, you live only once, and it is wrong to waste days on something that will only bring you fatigue and sadness, for this reason it will be useful for you to know some tips that will overcome all the difficulties of life, namely:

Stay alive:

With this advice, you should realise the benefit of sticking to a purposeful life filled with confidence and ambition, and keeping away from any fears and self-doubts, this will facilitate the daily challenges you face, and keep you away from regret.

Follow the path of your dreams:

Do not think one day to stop dreaming, or to give up desires, no matter how hard circumstances hit you, this will make life in front of you easier and more enjoyable, as well as bless yourself with every step you have on the way to achieving what you dream of, even if it is small, it is the beginning of reaching the top.

Be realistic in your expectations:

Give yourself enough time in everything you do, and do not be realistic so that things do not lead to failure, then you will feel that life is difficult and that you are the only loser, so choose logically and set a realistic and changeable schedule as far as you know.

Avoid wrong thinking:

Life is full of wrong thoughts that once we believe in them we will feel hard to live the days, that's why it will be a good choice for you to train your brain on how to distinguish between wrong and right thoughts to know which one to choose.

The difficulty of life is relative:

The difficulties of life may differ from one person to another as it is a relative matter, you do not have to face what others suffer from, I think that this idea will make it very easy for you, especially when you start thinking about moving away from what bothers you and demoralises you.

Facts about life you need to understand:

  • As we mentioned earlier, my dear, there are things in life that are imposed on a person and there is no escape from them, so you have to know and accept them as they are, this will make your life more comfortable, and among the most important of these facts:
  • The idea of ​​permanent change will be uncomfortable for you at any time, so be sure that the solution is to accept it and be patient.
  • There are difficult situations and choices in life that will not be completely free of difficulties, and here comes the role of understanding and wisdom to overcome those difficulties with minimal losses.
  • Most of the time, you are the first unjust to yourself, when you whip yourself and blame it on the smallest details without giving it the right to self-motivation and encouragement.
  • You can't deny the existence of daydreams that you use to remember the past or predict the future, but it's important not to waste all of your time on them.
  • You won't always get what you want, you have to take this fact into consideration so that you can get past whatever you were expecting to get but didn't work out.
  • Life will never be fair, which is why avoid playing the victim and accept what happens to you with open arms.
  • There are many experiences that you will experience in your life day after day, so be ready to receive them, learn how to deal with them properly, enjoy every moment you live, be always optimistic, and believe that the next days are the most beautiful and sweet, so live moment by moment waiting for everything that is beautiful.


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