Why Dont We Live up to Our Full Potential

What is our full potential and why don't we live up to it?

Why Dont We Live up to Our Full Potential

The purpose of these articles is, was, and always will be to inspire and motivate everyone to take their lives into their own hands, to stop living a life they have accepted, and begin to live a life of creation. How amazing would it be to live a life you chose? To have financial freedom and abundance, to be able to buy the car or motorcycle you’ve been dreaming of; start a company you know would give you happiness, fulfillment, and purpose; to finally have control over your existence? I have this inner urge inside of me to write about and help people understand their true potential and then go out and start living it! This is the reason I started Shock Therapy-Personal Development Service, this is the reason I coach, this is the reason I live! To me, helping people to actualize their dreams is the most fulfilling and rewarding thing I could possibly do for myself! To know that something I have done or said or even written has helped to push someone in a positive direction brings me that feeling of joy, purpose, and fulfillment that I am always talking about. This writing is literally a direct representation of me following through on the principles that I am always trying to share with you!

Now, with that being said, let me ask you:

Are you happy with your life as it is? Seriously take a second and really look at every aspect of your life, ask yourself if you’re living it exactly how you WANT to! Have you accepted less than you deserve in some areas? Have you just accepted that this is life and it's out of your control? What would you say if I told you that there is nothing about your life that cannot be changed? If I told you that there is no aspect of your life that is outside of your control? Probably tell me I’m nutty, right? Then go on to justify all the reasons that your life is the way it is and why there’s absolutely no way that you can change it? How close am I? If you’re living out your dreams in every single aspect of your life then you have no reason to continue reading, however, if you’re not, now may be the time to start to ask yourself why!

Why haven’t I opened my business? Why haven’t I written my book? Why haven’t I asked for that raise or promotion? Why haven’t I left my obviously miserable relationship? Why haven’t I taken any steps in the direction of my dreams? At first the question may seem a little overwhelming, and honestly, most people don’t want to ask it. Most often, I see people remain complacent in a life that makes them miserable, to continue doing the same things they’ve always done and remaining stagnant in situations that aren’t fulfilling, positive, or life giving. How much of a shock would it be if I told you that life is supposed to be full of joy, inspiration, creativity, and happiness?

The problem is that recognition of who we are and what we’ve accepted in life is difficult. To truly look at your life and accept responsibility for your life being the way it is because of your thoughts, beliefs, decisions, actions, and expectations is so incredibly hard that most people give up before they start.

Most often this is out of fear! I have met an overwhelming amount of people who are afraid to reflect on their lives at all. If you can’t reflect on your own decisions and actions and recognize how you’ve created your current reality just as easily as you can create a new one, I’m not sure I have anything to offer you.

Self-reflection and awareness are the most key aspect of personal development. If you don’t know where you are at, how can you have any idea of where you’re going? The first step in any self-improvement process is to reflect on your life exactly as it is now, and then decide which aspects you want to change.

Life is nothing more than a collection of emotions, beliefs, experiences, and decisions. So, wouldn’t it make sense that altering these things can drastically alter the course of your life? Essentially and literally create a new reality for yourself?

Most of us grew up hearing from parents and teachers: “You are so full of potential, you can do anything you want.” But how many of us ever actually believed it, or took it to heart? There is literally nothing that you can't create in your mind and imagination that cannot become your current reality. If you don’t believe me just go research anyone whose been successful. The only difference between you and successful people is the fact that they realized their dreams and then took steps to create them a reality for themselves.

So, what is holding you back? What are you afraid of? What prevents you from taking a step right now to begin to live the life you dream of?

For me it started by realizing how miserable my 9-5 job was making me. I could feel emotional fluctuations from one extreme to the other. I had to understand exactly what would fulfill and drive me through life. The process of reflection and understanding myself has been long and arduous. Realizing that I wasn’t happy or fulfilled in many aspects is what drove me to create this blog. I started by meditating on the question of what do I find fulfilling, what are my passions, what brings me the greatest joy in life? After a couple of mornings of asking myself this during my morning meditation, I heard that familiar whisper in the back of my head tell me “writing and helping people.” I could feel the little light bulb over my head light up and a “ding” sound. That was it. As soon as I realized it I felt this surge of energy and potential as my mind started racing just thinking about all the ways this would propel me in my personal life and my career. I still didn’t know what to do with the information though. So again, back to meditation. I spent the next couple days again, meditating on the question, “How can I use these passions and skills to make money?” After a couple of days, it came to me in that same little whisper, “Start a blog chronicling your struggles and experiences and how you’re learning to overcome.” I saw this as inspired action and immediately started to research how to start a blog, how to monetize a blog, how to drive traffic to your website, etc., and here we are. This website has been for me as much as it has been you, this is My Path to Healing!

The point that I’m really trying to get to with my little story is that anything you need to know about yourself you have conscious access to. Meditation is simply learning to quiet the voices in your head long enough to hear the inspiration behind all of it. The quickest, easiest method is to sit comfortably, focus on your breath, in one two three, out one two three, (for example). When you find your mind drifting off you recognize it and direct your thoughts back to your breathing. After a bit of practice, you will learn to quiet your mind and use this as a vehicle for exploring and sitting outside of your conscious thoughts. This is the best way that I have found to get any questions about self I have needed to ask. Everything from “what am I afraid of” to “what is holding me back.” All my questions about myself have been answered in this fashion.

So now I urge you to consider what you would like your ideal life to be like. Think back to childhood dreams and learn to explore what you love and what drives and fulfills you personally. This is a deeply personal adventure and should be done alone and in a quiet place. Just you and your thoughts. Many of you will find this frightening at first and that’s ok. What’s important is to push through the fear and learn to become comfortably alone with your thoughts. There is nothing you can encounter there that can hurt you. It may overwhelm at times, but it cannot do you harm. It's only a thought or a memory, and while they are from you they are not you. Do not allow any thoughts, emotions, or memories to define you, use them to propel you forward, use them to motivate and inspire! Learn your purpose and then figure out what steps you need to take to begin to move in that direction. If you’re still unsure after all of this consider hiring a coach. They can often see and recognize opportunities that you cannot or point out things about you or your environment that you may not recognize at the time due to limited perception. Just keep in mind that you are amazing just as you are and beginning this journey will only enlighten and inspire you further! You are worthy of abundance, success, freedom, and love! You are capable, and you will accomplish anything you remain persistent and diligent in creating! You already have everything you need to begin to build your dreams! Make the definitive decision that you’re going to do it and then begin taking steps. As always feel free to reach out and use any of the amazing resources we have on this page including reaching out personally. No email will go unanswered! ([email protected]

Did this inspire you? Are you willing to do what it takes to regain control over your life? To take back your life and stop accepting less?

Michael C. Lafferty-Shockency
Michael C. Lafferty-Shockency
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Michael C. Lafferty-Shockency

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