Why Do We Give Away the Diamond for the Penny?

by Brandon Guarascio about a month ago in goals


We have all done it. We have watched our perfect idea or best knowledge be used by someone else as part of a mastermind business plan that makes millions, catapults them to fame, or otherwise being more notable in this world than YOU! We just forget to ask ourselves, why is it that I gave away my diamond for the penny? Or better yet what is it that had us willing to give away the diamond for the penny. Fret no more, the answer is right here, right now!

Three reasons we are willing to give up the diamond:

1. Fear

It is not rocket science, most of us are just plain afraid of being successful. How could it be that it is me, that could do this, there is no possible way! Or I can’t believe I actually did this! Better yet, is this real life?

Instead of accepting the merits of our successes and being proud of them a lot of times we will the success to some other force other than the work we put in for our accomplishments. This creates fear to not actually go full force for the meaningful, or best version of ourselves because, well, how could it be that is able to do this?

Give up the fear, what is going to happen will happen. If it is the best thing that ever happened to you, then so be it! Whether it be difficult, or easy. We all have a choice to make and you can start choosing by not letting fear stand in your way.

2. Want

We all want the glitz and glam out of life, and the very best we can possibly do, but we like to get there the safest way. What it comes down to is sometimes you can want things and to get them there needs to be risk, having unlimited wants with limited resources presents this problem.

The reality is that most of us are not willing to undertake this risk to get it all and end up settling for the path of least resistance and work that 9-5 job, because why? It pays the bills! It gives us the things we “want’ in the immediate moment but leaves us less satisfied over time in the long run. Don’t listen to your want, build, build, and build some more!

3. Need

The human brain tends to trick itself into thinking that many things are necessary when in fact very few actually truly are. We don’t need the $2,000/month swanky downtown apartment, the fast luxury car, or designer clothing labels. None of that, in fact, takes us anywhere but back to looping through the previous two points made above, and that keeps the cycle of things that are holding us back to continue.

Fear creates want, and that want becomes need which then creates a new fear of not obtaining the need and so on and forth we continue. The game ends here!

Understand that you need to eat, breathe, sleep, and drink water. Beyond these things, there isn’t much we truly need as humans and that everything else is considered a luxury.

From this point, you will always be rich! When you have no needs…

  1. Creativity and ability are maximized.
  2. The diamond your already possess will remain yours forever… Don’t accept the penny!

Brandon Guarascio
Brandon Guarascio
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