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Who’s Zooming Who?

by Lisa Ikin 2 years ago in happiness
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Three of my favourite things

The meme that has recently made me laugh

Who’s Zooming Who?

So, suddenly my social life is a series of Zoom meetings with or without wine and with or without pyjamas on. I have seen my face from every angle including the one where the skin on my neck looks like the underside of an elephant’s belly and the pimple on my left cheek looks like Vesuvius in full flight!

This meme made me chuckle when I saw it on my Twitter feed last week as realised that I was the second picture only 7 days into the run of meetings. If anything good has come of the isolation and the Covid19 outbreak it is that I can now sit and chat quite candidly to anyone on screen.

In a time prior to this where I had to attend a job interview where one of the interviewers was not in the same room I bumbled my way through the interview because I didn’t feel comfortable about communicating in this way. Now I say “Bring it on!”

The Accidental Room

“The Accidental Room” as told by Roman Mars from the podcast “99% Invisible” is a story that I have repeated and recommended to many people in the months since I first listened to it while road-tripping across Western Australia one Summer holiday. It is the story of a group of artists who find a secret room in a massive shopping centre in Providence, Rhode Island and discover a new way to experience the mall.

The story is incredible because the whole way through the story you are thinking “how can this possibly be?” I love that the group of people got away with being there for so long and that they even furnished the space from furniture that was being sold from shops inside the mall. They were also able to carry large items from outside the mall because everyone around them was doing the same thing.

The mere fact that they were carrying large pieces of furniture through a shopping centre meant that they got away with, what was later seen as a crime, simply by being in plain sight.

This story brings me joy and gives me a glimmer of hope that in this world where everything is so scrutinised and regulated we can still find that hidden spot, that empty beach, that secret room.

For me it is the allure of the hidden room, the Narniaesque secret doorway to another world. The sheer affrontary of the people involved and the lack of awareness of every other tenant and security guard in the building.

Humans of New York

Humans of New York is one of my favourite social media accounts. I have always been moved by the short stories that accompany the photos. The stories are candid and revealing and usually invoke some sort of feelings, be it joy, sadness or despair.

As an Australian I have always had a romantic notion of New York and one day I hope to visit. New York is in my psyche and the backdrop of some of the most iconic films of my time. I have the “coffee table” book “Humans of New York” and while I haven’t read the entire book from cover to cover I like to flick through the pages not unlike the way I swipe through the Instagram page.

The recent stories have been hitting my heart pretty hard as they are quarantine stories from New York in the time of Covid19. The author or authors of both the stories and the photographers have a real eye for a portrait and a talent for story telling.

Humans of New York gives the everyday person on the street, whether they be rich, poor, old or young a voice.


About the author

Lisa Ikin

Freelance writer, amateur photographer, occasional performer of personal stories @Barefaced Stories. Lover of nature, music and art. I write content and copy for small businesses and teach part time in Perth, Western Australia

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