What's the Meaning of Life?

by Theresa Edwards 12 months ago in happiness

Who gives a shit?

What's the Meaning of Life?
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Who gives a shit?

Many of us have this idea that we are our shell—our body. We identify with the name that’s given to us at birth, and we play the game that we inevitably never win—the game of society.

We think we're made of two arms, two legs, torso, our face. Some, on the other hand, will argue that we're actually made of atoms.

Quantum physics says that as you go deeper and deeper inside the work of an atom, you’ll find that what’s actually inside of an atom is literally just waves of energy. So then literally YOU are just energy.

But have you actually ever thought about it? Out of phenomenal chance, YOU occur. And in between two long voids of nothingness, you got to look around, walk around, and experience the earth. You got to eat beautiful food, drink with your friends, and get high, and feel euphoria rush through every single cell in your bloodstream. You got to look at beautiful scenery, beautify strangers, some of which have made you weak at the knees, and given you butterflies in your stomach... made you feel love. You got to experience desperation! and then feel pain!... and then feel pleasure. You got to listen to beautiful music, you got to dance. You’ve been given this opportunity to be absolutely fucking crazy. YOU have been given this one chance.

Isn’t that crazy?

You’re no greater than I, and I’m no greater than you. Take a plane, fly 1000 feet up in the sky, and look down. Everybody looks exactly the same.

All bodies that cage our souls are no more valuable than the other. So take one more plane, and fly a few thousand feet up higher this time, and then... no human body can be seen. Just a sphere of blue and green.

When you look at the bigger picture of life… it freezes you.

You are alive, and you’re free. Your freedom is as boundless, and you accept it to be. You can be as crazy, nomadic, loving, and forgiving as you like yourself to be.

The human experience is one of a big chaos, but nothing is more chaotic than being a friend with your ego.

Humans by instinctive nature are playful, and the majority of us are in a psychological torment, because we're taught from a very young age that we should be functional, as opposed to intuitive and instinctual.

"You must be wealthy""You must be successful""You must be the smartest""You must obey"

But we're basically denying ourselves the most basic human being rights. Your purpose on this earth is not to play the game of success. Your purpose on this earth is to play your own game. You’re here, and that's beautiful. You can play as much as your playful heart desires, while everything that you do should be out of love... for yourself, for others, for this planet, for this universe, because when we act out of love it brings us joy.

So CONGRATULATIONS you beautiful boundless soul.

You were given this human experience, and you’ll never know any objective truth about why, or what you should do with it.

- Sonya Esman

Theresa Edwards
Theresa Edwards
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