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What is your excuse

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By Ava SaintPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
What is your excuse
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

What is your excuse?

Who said you will never make it till you refuse?

What is your setback?

What drives you to hold back?

What did the quitter say to you?

Why did you let their words stay overdue?

What are your greatest fear, sorrow, and despair?

What broke that life that was once a pair?

Tell me I pray to you, my Duce

What is your excuse?

By russn_fckr on Unsplash

Who said you are not worth it?

Who subjected you to live below the elite?

Who shut down that joyful smile that once blossomed?

Who destroyed those words that made you awesome?

Why did you confine in loneliness?

Who misused your talents, Who tarnished your holiness?

Who auctioned you off for profit?

Tell me I pray to you, my puce?

Who is your excuse?

I am not an artist

I have never held a pencil to draw before

I have only heard of paintings just last year

But there above you are the very first paintings I attempted to draw

Again I ask what is your excuse?

I love music and singing

But when I first started, my singing was so bad that it could suffocate a dead bird.

Today with much determination and practice, I can call myself the best

My love, what is your excuse.

When they say there is no harm in trying

It doesn't mean only one mistake

It means countless times that you prove to yourself that you can do it

Yes, there will be tears. There will be pain and sorrow

But never let there be a halt

Failure falls on us all, but it never devours the one who tries

A great person is a successful person

But not every successful person is a great person

Pursue your dreams because they cannot pursue

Your quitter's words should be your greatest motivation

The ambition, determination, and courage are waiting

So tell me, what is your excuse?

By Prabir Kashyap on Unsplash

My mentor once told me a story

He said, "look at the ant. Yes, the little ants you see crawling everywhere

As small and fragile as they are, they just never stop working

They can't store food in a short time

And even they know this themselves

Does it mean they should quit? of course not

Little by little, they store their food

And before they know it, there is enough food to last the winter

It does not come easier because of the rain, predators, and obstacles they face

Our everyday lives are not different from the ants

Well! except if you were born with a silver spoon

But still well I don't know, anyways back to the lesson

Can you sit upright OK! thank you so,

Our way of success is never a smooth road

The rain represents emotional and physical obstacles around us

The predators are the people whose job is to bring us down

Lastly, our negative image of ourselves can also be a plague

You see how the ants rely on each other for help

So is the view of our human nature

We should hesitate to ask for help if we need it

Because honesty is one of our first parts of success

Try harder at what you do best

And remember in the part of success, there is no excuse

You must never forget this lesson"

Eleven years have passed now and I am in college and still reaping the fruits of that lesson

By Audi Nissen on Unsplash

Before you give yourself to failure

Ask yourself

Did I try?

Did I even try?

Did I even try thrice?

Did I overcome it?

Did I even overcome it?

Did I even overcome thrice?

Did I endure?

Did I even endure?

Did I even endure thrice?

For the last time tell me, my relish muse



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