What Is the Color of Strength?

by Hope Talbott about a year ago in healing

What could possibly display the vibrance of your strength as you hold yourself together?

What Is the Color of Strength?

This was written for my husband's uncle, who is fighting against stage four lung cancer. Being an artist, colors really speak to me and in his time of need, I wanted to write something that would brighten his day. I figured that it might be helpful for anyone else going through struggles. Even if you're not battling cancer, this is still for you.

Life is hard and it's nearly impossible to depict what our troubles would look like. Everyone feels them differently, and different per day-to-day. Depression, PTSD, anxiety, mourning the loss of a loved one, and a battle against cancer are things everyday people go through. Artists all have different approaches to try and show the complexity of these sorrows. Sometimes it's impossible to see the fight someone is going through and sometimes it's clear as day. But here is a poem, my way of describing my compassion for what someone is going through, for anyone who might need encouragement.

What is the color of strength?

What color could possibly display your vibrance? Is there any single shade to capture your face when you stand up to your demons? Surely one could display the humble heart of a man who defeats them.

Perhaps two colors? Since one just won't do. Would that better suit, for the bride who's stood up with you to fight? One to show the love she has for you and to capture her bravery as well? And one to celebrate your victories?

No that couldn't do. The shades would not be enough to show all of you. Three then, maybe, to show the support of those who've also joined in this fight?

Though it is from these three that all other colors flood into being. It is from our three that the color wheel was made.

So perhaps one would not be enough to paint a picture of your bravery, your strength, your love, your humble generosity or victories. Because it's worlds of colors and all their strengths that flood the canvas when the thoughts of you come together.

You, like the gentle mist of a rainbow (broken light to display promises of tomorrow), show the beauty of what is still yet to come.

No colors could capture all the qualities you show, even in the dark times you shine bright like a rainbow star.


No matter what you are going through, I hope this speaks to your heart. You are much more than what you go through or what has happened to you and you will always be able to rise above to become more. You are an amazing individual with much to offer, not only to the world but to yourself as well. You are stronger than your demons and will make it through this storm in your life to see a brighter side.

As someone who battles different levels of mental illness every day, I can honestly say that it won't stay like this. That voice in your head, the one who says that you're not good enough and to just give up, won't be there forever. That look someone gives you when you have a break down in public doesn't matter. They haven't had to go through and survive what you have and therefore aren't as strong as you. Tomorrow you may be able to look in the mirror, see yourself, and say, "I'm sorry for what I've put you through, please forgive me." Then you'll be able to feel the lift of your chest as you say, "Thank you, I forgive you. I love you, I love you. I love me." Tomorrow holds infinite possibilities because you are that capable.

You are worth the fight. You are worth the effort you put into you and the effort others put into you. You are an amazing rainbow star, maybe a little broken but definitely beautiful and shining through the darkest of times.

Hope Talbott
Hope Talbott
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