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What Gift Am I Meant To Give In This Life?

by Johnny Nezha 5 months ago in social media

Hard Truths We Need To Tell Ourselves

The truth, nothing but the truth, truth and the truth alone. This is the biggest gift I am meant to give the world. This is the biggest service to humanity I can accomplish and fathom. Speak about my experience and not limited to; but taking action upon that.

Learn from my mistakes, and fix the things that bothered me the most so those that come after me won’t have to face - feel - go through - the same shenanigans I had to. What I am doing is nothing special, it is just the history of humanity repeating its cycle, again and again.

I firmly believe that as we live here on this earth, as we ponder, think, mull over the rationale of why are we here and what for, it comes naturally asking “What Gift Am I Meant To Give In This Life”?

Our reality in this existence is full of hindrances and getting stymied by our surroundings/circumstances. We strive to find our wonted comfy spots. The more I live, and the more I realize what a sad people we have all collectively become.

Just earlier today, on Quora, a website I use almost on a daily basis, although I do not answer questions every day on the platform - I do read answers and sometimes I comment when strongly compelled.

The cheap quality of humanoids we willingly, consciously and un-abstrusely choose to be is beyond my comprehension. I was just making a comparison to a statement made online about Britney Spears.

For those unfamiliar with Quora, the social network functions with people asking questions, someone answers them, and you can read the answer and leave a comment if you’d like. Here is the question that was asked with Colin Riegels giving an answer to the best of his ability and knowledge. And this is how it went…

And up to here, all is good. All is regular. We are enjoying life, information and the platform. Whilst reading this, I felt compelled to comment, and say something to Britney’s defence.

Now coming up the final part of my comment and the trivial nonsensical unrelated reply I received…

Let’s analyze this, shall we? Jacque Gusto is claiming power by patronizing me and my comment to one up me, with the sole intention of owning me, discrediting my comment, my POV and my content altogether. Nothing new here. This happens all the time. Because in the online realm and prism, there is an excess and glut of people like Jacque.

We now live in a world, where potentially everything is inflammatory and triggering to someone on the web. Where did I say anything in my comment about what happened in the 1800s? OF COURSE what happened to black people in America was abhorring! And this is why I stand up to even the slightest nuance of it today. Did I say or purport that Britney Spears’ pain is comparable to what happened hundreds of years ago with slavery in the US? Please “Jacque”, show me where did I say that… Which part of Modern Day Slavery you did not understand?

Modern Day Slavery does not look anymore the same way it used to. Modern day slavery has morphed into - human trafficking - child trafficking, and illegal prostitution among other things (such as abuse of a conservatorship)

What happened to Britney Spears, and what led her to her breakdown is the conurbation of misogyny that runs rampant and strong in the Hollywood industry and in the world. You know, just like Jacque over here that proudly champions, espouses and embodies such behavior. Just because someone is a celebrity, especially a woman, that does not mean they are devoid of pain, and Spears appeared to be in despair, distress and hurdle.

Last year around this time of year, I was marching and stating #BlackLivesMatter. And this year, I would like to add #FreeBritney to my chants.

Please stop minimizing the pain of women and individuals just for the joy of being rude and wanting to appear savage. It is distasteful and egregious.

So, no, Jacque, I will not sit down and shut up. The person that needs to be embarrassed here, it ain’t me.

Peace Out. And let’s all be better human beings online. Yeah? Yeah!

This, everyone, is the portion of my truth that I owe to all of you, today.

Be kind out there, and use perspicacity. Don't be trash.

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