“What Do you want your Mind to Feed on?”

by Amy Thome 11 days ago in book review


“What Do you want your Mind to Feed on?”

I recently downloaded the audio book “Don’t Just Sit There” by the beautiful meditation teacher & author Biet Simkin.

In Chapter 43, she says “just as a scientist enlarges the image of a tiny microbe under a microscope until it is all that the frame can fit, we too can blow up the image of our aims so wide, that we can’t even see all those other things we can’t change”.

This has floated through my head the last few days since hearing it.. I find it to be so true. At least I know it to be true for me.. At the moment, I’m sitting here drinking a lavender latte as the rain is coming down outside, sitting in complete contentment to finally have made it back to Europe. It feels like home here. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster sitting in quarantine since March, not knowing what the world has in store for us, or what freak & twisted things may transpire tomorrow. The world feels monstrous for some of us at the moment, a feeling of loss of control for most. A lot of people feeling fearful.

But what I have come to learn over the last 4 years through all my International travel, is that each human is granted this ‘microscope’ as Biet refers to: our own personal domain or field of perspective. It is our window out into the world. And to me, what is beautiful is that we can choose what we want to put within that window. The thing that has become so crystal clear to me is that even if we think we have lost complete control over our lives at the moment with the fear that the media is pumping out, what we DO have control over is what we put within that microscope lens of ours... Imagine these faculties that we’ve been given in this human experience: our eyes, mind & awareness as parts of our own personal movie projector, so to speak. What kind of movie do you want to watch? Certainly not the Jungle Booty of Donnie at the pulpit of the Presidential debate that has turned our country into a circus. There will always be the crazies, but do I want to give them even an ounce of my attention? No WAY! {For more illumination on this, please read Tim Wu’s perspective on “attention harvesting” & ‘carefully curating where we let our minds wander to’. {link below}}

I feel immense gratitude that I am afforded the option to choose what is in my lens~ to blow up the ‘image of my aims’ so big that none of that nonsense nor distraction can even fit into my lens. I feel that I am a citizen of the world, so I rarely read the news, I don’t have a political affiliation, I don’t have a religious affiliation, and I am my own leader. I live in the dance that is life... Right Now... That to me is where all the beauty lies. Our lives are so incredibly short, so I feel that what we choose to fill our moments with are so unbelievably crucial.

I choose kindness as my religion, I choose raw nature as my church, I choose Love as my non-negotiable, I choose relationships as my precious gold nugget chest, I choose gratitude as my every-second prayer, I choose Optimism as my utmost faith, & I choose delving into the Infinite Unconscious through meditation as my ever-unfolding winding life path. I choose reaching into the recesses of our deepest wounds to uncover our greatest innate gifts. I choose coming into every encounter with Compassion in order to understand the ‘other’.

Currently the United States is gushing out loads of fear mentality, and unfortunately, as long as the consumption demand for that fear is high, the funnel will keep siphoning it out day in & day out. But is that the diet that you want for your mind ? I choose to not live in that Universe. Each person’s unique ‘lens’ is under their complete control. What do you want to put into that window of your soul, the window of your life’s vision? I choose seeing the Magnificent. I choose standing up for those who do not have a voice. I choose living for Justice. I choose living in Dignity & Grace.. I also choose fairy tale worlds like Italy, I choose cooking as “Ritual”, I choose having my hands in the dirt watching a seed turn into food, I choose Minimalism, I choose Unorthodox lifestyles, I choose loving without expectation. I choose hand holding. I choose laying in a grassy field all afternoon, contemplating the nature of sunlight. I choose giving others Presence (which is a rare commodity these days). Even tiny things like uncovering the absolute exquisite beauty that is right here as you look into a baby’s infinite eyes, or throwing yourself into icy water to sink into your body again, or relishing in the absolute gift that it is to have your skin against your lover’s. I choose to be moved by music, I choose alternative realities, I choose moving homes on the ocean.. those brilliant little things called Sailboats... And the glorious thing about all of this is that there are millions of realities to be had. When I find myself falling out of the dream, a quick listen to something like Sigur Rós – Dauðalogn, can transport me back.

This journal entry ramble of mine isn’t meant to be life changing or mind blowing. These are just my passing, rainy day thoughts as I look ahead in complete & utter excitement of being able to relish the European worlds at the moment.. There truly is good out there, we just have to have the conviction to keep our own personal lens clean, clear & intentional.

What do you want to be in this life: a worrier, or a Warrior..

Defy the Odds .. Don’t be a Sheep. Don’t believe what they’re telling us. Choose life-giving foods for your mind. Treat your attention as the precious commodity that it is, it is your Intellectual Property right... Lead a Self-Determined Life.. Choose Life.. Choose Love.. The world needs your gifts.. We don’t have forever..





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