What 2018 Taught Me

by Arlee Maxwell about a year ago in happiness

Every year teaches us something new about ourselves and others. Let’s learn to apply the past year into the new one.

What 2018 Taught Me

Instead of setting goals, making new plans, and setting up new resolutions for 2019, I have spent a lot of time reflecting on 2018 and what it has taught me for this upcoming new year.

I learned that nobody can make me happy or be in control of my happiness. You can share your happiness with another but the second you put your happiness in a man, it will surely fail you every time. There is a huge difference in sharing your happiness with someone verses solely wanting them to create it for you. It was a tough lesson that produced a lot of tears but once I truly learned to create my own happiness, I became a better version of myself for not only me but the people around me.

I learned that people will hate you, form an opinion of you, and judge you even when their hands are dirty. People will gossip and try to ruin your character in hopes that others never see who you are.

I learned that not everyone is your friend. People will come around you when you’re on a high, eat off your plate, and drink from your cup; but the second you’re down they seem to disappear faster than cotton candy being emerged under water. These “friends” want to see you fail because they don’t want to see you succeed or be happy.

I learned to forgive the “unforgivable” even if you never get an “I’m sorry.” It’s not about them when you’re forgiving and it doesn’t make you weak or gullible. It’s about yourself health, worth, and representation of the person you are regardless of who they are. Never stoop down to childish behavior. Rise above it and build a better character because of them.

I learned that life is short. People are dying every second of every day, so if you love someone make sure you tell them every day. But above all, make sure you show them instead of just voicing it because actions will always speak louder than words.

I learned that life sucks sometimes but to never allow it to define who you are. You have a choice every day to either fight the day with a smile on your face or sulk in bed wasting the day and only causing your problems to feel worse. It’s hard to smile when you want to cry but I promise everything passes so you’re better off fighting it with a smile and positive outlook.

I have learned so much more from 2018 and only hope 2019 brings me more life lessons and ways to get through them, so that one day I am able to effectively help others. I am blessed to have another year to enjoy with my family and friends. I am excited for the new beginnings, memories, and trials that I am sure this year will bring.

In 2019, I hope to see others lending a helping hand more than the hate and judgment 2018 has shown. I hope to see other women build each other up instead of tearing each other down. I hope for a successful year seeing everyone bettering themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually in hopes it creates a better world for my family to live in. So with that said, I hope everyone truly looks long and hard at what you individually went through in 2018, learn from it, and apply the lessons in this new year.

Cheers and Happy New Year!

Arlee Maxwell
Arlee Maxwell
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