Walking My Talk with Grace

by Debi Hammond about a year ago in healing

Or rather Limping

Walking My Talk with Grace

Wow! The lessons I have learned in the last two years have been big and real and just what I’ve asked for really. Not always fun but taking the bad with the good is just living. There have been some serious ugly-crying sessions, bouts with depression and some amazing and sparkling breakthroughes. I have come to know and accept myself more than I thought possible, and the ever-expanding gratitude for my life and capacity for love and joy is almost incomprehensible, until I experience it and reach for more!

I shared in my previous post that I’m learning to give myself grace as I don’t always "Injoy" happy days while building my Creating Happy business. Contrast adds to the texture and colors on this big, beautiful canvas that’s my life. For this share, I’m going to turn my canvas into a puzzle.

As I’ve been gathering pieces that I’ve been finding in the shadowy places (places that I thought were already cleared out) and fitting them into place, I really felt like I was gaining some ground and traction. I also felt sparkles from the momentum from all my busy creating, finding this piece and that piece almost daily, that would soon complete this puzzle of what Creating Happy is all about! That is until I rolled my ankle and fractured my foot!

That happened early one morning in April, a beautiful morning I might add. I felt intentional in the Happy Creation of my day so far and headed out the door for an appointment. I carefully used the handrail to skip down the stairs from our building to then roll my ankle, which apparently wanted to go into the storm drain next to my car, while I thought we were getting into the car.

I think it was the snap-crackle-pop that surprised me, soon followed by excruciating pain that had me crumbling into the gutter. I pulled myself into the car and drove closer to the staircase. I tried with all my might to sound strong when I called our daughter, but as soon as I said, “Hey, Bec,” she responded, worried.

“What’s wrong?” She was on her way. “Be there in 20 minutes.” The puzzle I was having so much fun working on was abruptly put away to make room for a new puzzle with I think 1,000,000 pieces! (OK, that’s a little dramatic.)

I don’t know how I made it up the stairs and into our apartment. I got ice and laid on the couch and cried like a baby. I have a background in Reiki, so I did a quick healing (amazing and story-worthy for another time) and tried to relax. My daughter took charge, took me to the Emergency Clinic, got me a wheelchair and stayed with me. My foot was x-rayed and I was soon fitted with a boot with instructions to wear it for four to six weeks.

What I know for sure about myself and now you will know too; I like to be active. I don’t like limitation and I don’t care much for being told what to do. I also prided (past-tense now) myself on being a good patient until I pushed myself. I thought if the doctor said four to six weeks, I’m sure I’ll be fine in two. I knew I needed to accept this situation with grace—Ha! Oh, look, I found a bunch of puzzle pieces in a box from my past.

I had four pretty pathetic days of feeling sorry for myself throughout the healing process… going a bit stir-crazy in our little apartment; being alone, hobbling around in an awkward, clunky boot, and feeling anything but attractive. I found all the pieces to complete the frame during my blue period.

After realizing, with the persistence of my wise daughter, that I was doing more damage than good by being "strong" (stubborn) and "working through the pain" (foolish), I accepted the situation with grace and made friends with my boot, which I named Grace! After that shift, Grace and I rocked that boot for the next few weeks. All the pieces that fit into place were surprisingly colorful!

I experienced grocery shopping with my husband while in a motorized cart, which was more embarrassing and challenging than I ever imagined. I have a deeper respect for people who must use carts like that to get around. I knew I would regain my mobility. That experience in itself was a great lesson.

For the most part, I practiced happy. I tried to remain present, enjoying the quiet and my own company, getting to the things I never could find time for before, realizing a different perspective and learning to raise my vibration higher. I finally finished that story-puzzle of my life a week after I was able to get my walking shoes back on and stroll around the lake. The very last piece read, "Everything Happens for a Reason."

I hope you find a piece of inspiration for your puzzle in my words. As I work to realize my dream of working at writing and creating every day, I am open to receiving any tips you are inspired to give.

Injoy your Moments and Pieces until next time!

Debi Hammond
Debi Hammond
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