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Unveiling my own creation

by Melody Perez about a year ago in success
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A short dialogue of epiphanies and transformation

Unveiling my own creation
Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

I've never played the lottery, up until yesterday. I used to think that people who played were people who stayed wishing. Waiting for their chance to be lucky. Dreaming of the easy way out.

The easy way out of financial bondage.

Who said I have to give my energy, my time to someone who will pay me to do what they want? 40, 50, 60 hours a week, for over 40 years of my life?Who said I have to sell my heart, my soul, to survive? What if I want to thrive? Who said I have to work hard and suck it up? I don't have to do that. I can enjoy how I spend my life. I just hadn't thought of any other way to provide for myself.

Exactly. I limited my thinking to what the majority of other people limit their thinking to of what is possible for them. Limit their potential to, being an employee. Working under and for someone else instead of You living for You.

Deep down it's not just the money I want. It's the freedom to create a life that is of my choosing. And I chose to love my life, instead of dreading to wake up. For the longest has it been my soul's desire to share with the world my passion, my love, my voice. But my mind has been shackled by fear, limitations, and has kept me from expressing who I truly am.

Fear of... I'm not good enough. How are you going to provide for yourself?

No one will even listen to what I have to say.

People are going to think I'm crazy.

Is any of this true, or did I make it true by believing in it? And if I was truly confident in myself, and in the value of my heart's messages why would I need any more validation from others? I see that before I free myself from the contract I signed to sell my energy for money, I must free myself of the limitations of my inner world that I first unconsciously created, or believed in.

669 million was the last jackpot someone won. Not 6 million or 60 million.

6 hundred and 69 million. And the uncomfortableness that came when I thought of that being possible for me, showed me just how limited my thinking has been.

Do I deserve to have that much abundance? That much possibility of resources to create what I choose? Who said I did or didn't deserve to have a life like that? Me. And only me.

One lock and chain, of many, falls to the ground.

Oh but the things I would do if I did win. If I was a millionare. There's so much of life I want to explore, experience, live. There's so much I want to give. I would spend the rest of my life helping people remember the truth of what we are. The truth that each one of us knows deep, deep down.

You see, I am a Creator. The creator of my life. I always get to choose Who I am being, and what I believe to be true. The more I realize this, the more expansive I feel, as if I have no boundaries. My true being is infinite. The more I remember this is my true nature, the more my thinking, my perception changes, evolves.

The thought of playing the lottery came to me as a way I could allow abundance to physically be able to show itself to me, winning to me is more of a reflection of my creative power, that I simply chose to be abundant and free, now. It can be easy, it doesn't have to be such a struggle, we make it hard for ourselves. But, these wonderful thoughts, creations, are still so new to me. This lovely energetic vibration of mine that I've started sending out and saying this is Who I am now, didn't yet have enough energy, focus, or power to become a physical reflection, yesterday, when I bought my first ticket.

I didn't win the lottery this time, okay. But perhaps my numbers will align with the seemingly random draw of numbers, when I become more abundant, limitless in my thinking, feelings, and actions in all areas of my life. Perhaps, I won't even care if it shows up in the form of winning the lottery or in another form.

Yes it was quite disappointing realizing I still have to go back to my pointless job later this week. My physical freedom, is not yet here. Well let me ask you this... are you going back to your limited thinking? Or are you going to share with the world your heart?

Who are you going to choose to be?

Yesterday you felt and kept saying.. I am a Creator.

What about today? Do you still feel like a Creator?

You want to be free of financial bondage so you can do what you Love. Do you need money right now, to do what you Love? You have the time right now. And tomorrow, and the next day. But do you have the energy? The will, the belief, to break past your chains?

You have everything you need, to be Love, right now.

I take a deep breath... and imagine this breath giving life to and lighting up every cell that is a part my body. I feel more at ease already as if I unraveled myself from the clenched up ball I was unconsciously in. And then Love came and told me.. it's okay. You don't have to hide anymore, there is nothing to fear. It's safe, I am Here.

Right now, I can feel the wind gently caressing me, embracing me. The wind loves me.

The sun warms up the goose bumps all over my skin, its powerful but gentle rays shine through my walls, penetrating all blocks, all barriers and warms up my heart so that I can feel my soul, once again.

I do understand, I must be that abundance first before it reflects itself into the physical world. If I'm always still thinking thoughts of worry and dread, and feeling that energy, that is what I am sending out and that is what will show itself back to me. But if I am always thinking in love and peace and abundance and I always feel so alive and grateful, that is what I will radiate. And the physical world will reflect itself in correspondence to Who I Am. As people, events, experiences, opportunities.

It is all connected, so beautifully.

Thank you, Love, for always reminding me you are here with me.


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