Unpopular opinion: You are the reason your life has turned out as it has.

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Yes you, nobody else.

Unpopular opinion: You are the reason your life has turned out as it has.

Do you think the world is unfair, not just, and down right out to get you all the dang time? Well that’s your problem. Your attitude towards life – you’re looking at everything through the wrong lens. You’re allowing the negatives in your mind to control you instead of the positives. By allowing this type of negative outlook on life fuel your mind, you’re letting it completely and utterly control your whole life. Stop letting the negative win.

Nothing will slow you progress faster than a negative mindset -unknown

So many people want to feed into life’s circumstances being the reason they feel like life has thrown them sour lemons. People seem to spend more time envying other people’s life, judging them thinking that they have walked on perfect waters since birth. I’m not saying people haven’t been handed great circumstances since birth but what I’m saying is, it’s what you do with those circumstances. You can be born into a wealthy family but yet end up homeless on crack. Some people are born in crack houses, passed around home after home, and they become Doctors. Instead of envying others wanting the life they have, change your mindset and start working towards goals each day that will help you achieve a successful life for yourself.

Everyone is a victim of circumstances if they accept it -unknown

Your Mom, Daddy, Grandparents, Aunt, Uncle, nobody is to blame for how you’re life is turning out but yourself. I’m not being insensitive but instead I’m being real. This world constantly wants to fuel the minds of everyone making them think they should blame others for your lack of success. So let me be the bad guy with my unpopular opinion to burst some bubbles. You are the very and only reason you are unhappy, you are the only and very reason you’re stuck in a terrible rut. You’re the reason for allowing poor relationships in your life. You’re constantly criticizing others and looking for more. That’s all on you. Nobody else.

Tough love and brutal truth from strangers are far more valuable than Band-Aids and half-truths from invested friends, who don't want to see you suffer any more than you have. -Shannon L. Alder

I’ll never be able to stress this enough nor is there a way for me to sugar coat it to anyone to get my point across. You can be your own worst enemy; you can be the only one who is standing in the way of your goals and your success. You will never achieve happiness if you’re constantly looking at the negatives. You will never achieve happiness if you relay on the world and others to provide it for you. You will never achieve happiness in your life if you’re constantly surrounding yourself by people and things that drain you.

Bad company corrupts good character.


If you don’t like the job you have, work towards a goal to be working the job you enjoy. If you don’t like how your health is, work towards the goals to become a healthier version of yourself, if you don’t like the relationship you’re in, then either demand change where it’s due or leave because you won’t settle for less, if you don’t like your living situation, then again start planning out goals you can work towards to be in a home you love.

A year from now you may wish you had started today. -unknown

People think achieving these types of things in life are so far fetched. The truth simply put, you’re being lazy and have become to comfortable in the place you’re in while complaining about it to yourself and others. Here is a huge secret apparently for some, life doesn’t owe you anything, so stop excepting it to. Don’t expect a thousand, millions, or trillions of dollars to show up at your door step just because. Stop expecting to wake up with a six pack and a nice booty just because. Stop expecting to reach your goals and dreams if you don’t ever put work into it. Yes it’s true, if you want something you have to be willing to put in the hard for it. Not just a little half-assed effort either, like I mean you need to work your butt off everyday. This means you’ll have to make sacrifices and keep pushing through even when things get messy, complicated, seem so far fetched, and impossible. You need to tell yourself to keep going when everything in you is saying “give up” because that’s the only way you’ll ever achieve anything great. I do hope my unpopular opinion and tough love convicted you a bit and will give you the push to go out and conquer all your goals and dreams! I am rooting for you, now go get it!

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