Turning off Social Media

by LeAnn Murch about a year ago in social media

Doing Things Differently for a Change

Turning off Social Media

I'm just your average millennial, completely obsessed with my social media, from my Facebook to my Twitter, I'm always posting on some kind of social app. I can't go an hour without looking at my phone, which like a lot of other people, it's pretty normal. But if you know me, you know I don't do normal. So it's time for a change, a big one at that. I've decided to log out of all my social media accounts and go an entire year without it.

Seems like such a hard task since we're all wired to follow the masses and do whatever society tells us to do. I've never been one to follow the crowds but lately, I've been a total social media whore that it sickens me. I've lost touch with the real world and all the real people that are physically in my life. This new journey is much needed, it's time for a change. I'm ready to focus on the things I've always dreamed of doing.

Memes and short paragraphs have ruled my life for so long that I get uncomfortable trying to converse with others. Small talk and making eye contact shouldn't be difficult but with our noses always looking down at our phones we've lost basic communication skills. Anytime I feel the slightest anxiety I grab my phone and start swiping through my accounts. It's time I let this little habit go and maybe my anxiety will subside.

I've been antisocial my whole life so social media has helped me to open up or so I thought it helped, but you can't be very social when you're talking to a computer screen now can you? Everyone seems friendly on Facebook and Twitter, but we freeze up in person when it comes to having an actual conversation. I need to learn how to be social in real life and enjoy connecting with others. I'm ready to get out in the world and see all the beauty there is in person as opposed to seeing it on my Instagram feed.

Getting rid of social media will also help me focus on myself and discovering who I am. I can't remember the last time I didn't have a phone in my hand where I'm either texting or messaging someone on facebook. I'm always entertaining some guy or multiple guys. I can't be content with just myself so I get involved in meaningless relationships that don't benefit my life at all.

I want to know what it's like to go a day without speaking to a guy. To go months without sleeping with someone. I'm not a relationship kind of person but I'm never alone really. I always have someone to entertain me. I don't want that anymore, I want to be content with myself. Just me to figure out all the wonderful things I have to offer myself.

I know a year is a long time, and just a day is going to be hard, but I'm ready for this. I need this, I need to find out who I am and what it is I want from life and where I plan to take myself in this world. 30 years of living and I still don't know who I am or what I want. I haven't truly lived because my face is always stuck on my phone screen or nose deep in my laptop. I think it's long overdue that I put my phone away and find out who LeAnn really is. So here is to new adventures and new discoveries.

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LeAnn Murch
LeAnn Murch
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